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I also wore tight jeans, T-shirt, I was a little shy: it all emphasized my figure, but I got used to it pretty quickly.
In the evening we closed again in the room.
I didn’t want to go anywhere, Igor looked at the laptop again, and I just lay there, eyes closed.

I’ve been waiting for Igor to talk about the blowjob, he’s sure about him.
Sasha, have you thought about a blowjob? – asked Igor.
Well, as expected.
We started arguing again.
Igor persuaded me, I refused, he pressed on the fact that I am now a girl, no one will know, I will have new sensations.
I refused, but Igor did not lag behind.
It lasted an hour probably.
Okay, I finally agreed, but if I don’t want to continue, then we will immediately stop, do you understand? “Good, good,” Igor instantly agreed, sat down beside me.
– We will do everything as you want.
And all this will remain between us! No one should know this.
But who will believe in it? You turned.
turned into a guy.
This is simply unthinkable! I nodded hesitantly.
On the one hand, I myself wanted to try, it was curious, but on the other.
this is a member of the guy! More recently, I have sucked the girls, and now I’m going to do it.
Everything will be fine, – said Igor, seeing my concern, – there is nothing like that in this, you are a girl now.
Yes Yes.
– I answered uncertainly.
Igor slowly put his hand on the crotch on top of his jeans, rubbed a little.
See, nothing terrible happened.
Come on, touch me.
I slowly put my hand on his crotch, squeezed.
His cock felt good through jeans, it was swollen. Free online skype sex.

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