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And I was pleasantly surprised.
The girl’s hand several times patted my crotch and tried to caress the member through my pants, which began to swell with blood.
The fingers of the girl, like her palm, felt that the penis grew and caressed through the fabric to Anya seemed not enough.

Fingers felt the zipper on the fly, pulled it down and a warm girlish palm slipped into my pants.
On the screen in the meantime, something was happening, but I lost the sense and course of the plot from that moment, when I felt fingers on Anechkin’s groin.
Her movements were not sharp, she seemed to know that touched her fingers.
I felt like the girl ran them several times over the head of my penis, stroked the bridle, after which the palm moved to the scrotum and stopped there.
After half a minute, the fingers began to show slow activity.
Here they slightly squeezed one testicle, and then gently rolled the second between themselves.
I was thrilled with all this, because I did not even imagine such a course of events.
I just came with a girl to the movies.
And here I almost masturbate.
Finally, the game with my scrotum Anya was tired, and she moved her palm to the trunk of the penis.

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Wrapping her dick, she began to send me a slow motion.
It was something, I wanted to moan, because the buzz I felt was not comic,

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but fearing that the neighbors sitting nearby might suspect that something was wrong, I endured as I could.
Anya, in spite of the fact that the fabric of the trousers prevented her from jerking off, made her move.
My groin involuntarily began to move in time with her.
Somehow my breathing became more frequent, I felt that I was about to finish.
Apparently the girl felt it too, because suddenly she stopped everything and her hand slipped out of my panties.
I was disappointed with disappointment.
Bending down to her ear, I whispered: “Why?” In response, she just looked at me and in her eyes flashed reflective screen sparks and a lovely direct mischief.
I did not know what to do.
I really wanted to finish, but I did not know how to make this girl understand.
I took Anya by the hand and put it on my fly, but the girl immediately removed her hand.
Then I put my hand on her right knee and slowly began to lift her skirt.
When I felt the capron of Anechka pantyhose, I slowly began to push my hand up to her crotch.
When my little finger barely touched the pantyhose of the girl’s pubis hidden under the nylon, she suddenly threw my hand away with a sharp movement and squeezed her legs tightly.
I was disappointed to be impossible.
Poured sperm eggs ached all the stronger.
I even had a thought to go to the toilet and jerk myself to stupidly end up on the wall or in the toilet, but I still hoped that before the end of the film Anechka descended to my problem and would help me to lose the weight of the protein that was asking outside. Free sex chat online india.

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