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It seemed to me that my grandfather decided to stock up on hay for the whole village, and when I wanted to speak out loud about it, he, rubbing his rough palms, finally delighted me: – That’s it, granddaughters! This is the last batch! Now we have enough! Nice work !.
And you really became big! And you, thank God, have power !.

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As a reward for my hard work my grandfather allowed me to surrender to village idleness.

I willingly fished, went to the forest for mushrooms and berries, climbed gardens and orchards.
And soon, however, it became bored, wondering if it was going to return home, as she appeared.
Her name was Tanya.
She was seven years older than me.
Her husband at that time served as an officer somewhere in the north, and Tanya, having defended her diploma, she studied at the institute, on the way to him she drove for a week to the village.
She was considered the grandfather’s niece, and, therefore, I – tee.
And Aunt Tanya, just Tanya was not only a young, but also a rather interesting woman.
I, as I saw her, so immediately stopped bored.
When she did not look at me, I literally devoured her slim figure.
But anyway, Tanya somehow felt my passionate parting eyes and, as it seemed to me, specially made careless movements in order to dwell on me with the charms hidden under her robe.
At that moment, when a beautiful thigh or a perfect heavy bosom was being grabbed, I experienced terrible excitement, and she, catching my eyes, smiled coquettishly, what worried me more strongly.
My rabid flesh shamelessly burst out of his pants.

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Oh, God, I just did not know how to calm a seething passion that has reached an unbearable limit: I began to evaporate myself, gradually turning into a crazy sufferer.
Tanya saw and understood this, and this seemed to give her immense pleasure.
As soon as she did not excel, teasing me with the beautiful nudity of a young seductive body.
And on the eve of departure, Tanya decided to wash her laundry, wash herself and, in general, clean up.
Grandfather in the evening chopped wood and flooded the stove in a wooden bathhouse.
But I was forced to pump water into an iron barrel, which stood near a cast-iron boiler installed directly in the furnace itself.
The hot crackling flames greedily licked the boiled wall of the cauldron filled with boiling water and ran off upwards through the chimney.
The sauna room turned into a real steam room.
I imagined how naked Tanya would sit lonely on a bench, wiping herself with a towel and snorting excitedly, and I became terribly depressed.
This was especially felt when I remembered that tomorrow she would go to her husband, and I would never see her.
I was in love with Tanya, and she worried me like a woman.
Due to the fact that she seemed to me not accessible, I felt so unhappy that I did not want to live.
It was getting dark.
I lounged around the bathhouse and grieved, watching the flashing light of the washable Tanya.
A thin, dilapidated curtain that hung on a small window made it possible to see all its movements.
Suddenly the curtain moved away and a smiling face appeared in the window.
She beckoned me with her hand.
My heart beat fast and, agitated, I hurried to her with all my might.
– My dear! – Tanya sang softly, looking out from behind the door ajar.
“Bring me some cold water, please, or the whole one is over!” When she spoke, straightening her long, sticky hair on a round, protruding breast, an elongated dark nipple inadvertently looked at me.
I flinched, as if pierced by a current, and stopped, goggling eyes.
Tanya, as if nothing had happened, smiled at me again tenderly and continued in a soft voice: “Are you, my boy, silent?” Naked aunt never seen? I stared at him stupidly and was silent, holding my breath.
– Well, go, go, carry some water and you will rub your back at the same time !.
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