Glen campbell ballads and bluegrass.

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The main thing is not to deceive anyone.
A child from another is certainly a betrayal, but she’s not to blame for that.
– Katya was already pregnant, we learned a week ago.

Kolya spoke.
Eliza Igorevna burst out laughing.
– Ay, well done.
Broke asshole mean.
And he ruined his mean-spirited.
Well done Kolya pleased me.
We’ll see who else is who, and who’s the fool, oh we’ll see.
Why do you think he can not divorce me? There are reasons Kolenka.
How did he ever run after me, how was he courting me?
It was only later that I realized that he didn’t need me, but my dad’s connections.
He raises me a fool, he also considers frigid.
When he went out for this and was, and now has become smarter.
Frigid, I see – whether.
Let’s go little to bed, we’ll continue the conversation there.
The lady began to undress, Kohl followed her example.
Finally, remaining in stockings and a corset, with the cups already lowered long ago, she lay down on the bed and drew Kohl, who also had time to undress, to herself.
You pussy women licking? Without waiting for an answer, she sent Kolya’s face to the place she needed.
Come on, kiss, kiss.
Come on well done, nothing, you will become my great lover, and Katya will end with you.
Come on lick, well done.
Better, I’ll talk to her first, a woman a woman sometimes understands better.
But you will not succeed, we will try three of you, you and I, she will end up with you, your Katya, do not worry.
And now come on, come on, well done, stop inside a young colt, fuck mommy.

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Kohl is already the second time discharged into the partner.
The lady continued her monologue.
– Well, that’s good, now let’s go to sleep, the morning of the evening is wiser.
You will have a job tomorrow, I’m back to Moscow.
Boy, you still do not know Kohl, what kind of life is a difficult thing, and Katya is yours the same.
Well, nothing, I will help you, I know this bastard as a flaky one.
I know where he steals money in the bank, I know about kickbacks, and I know where he puts them.
He thinks I’m a fool.
How are you a bastard wrong.
Would get a fool of this video from his computer, from under all passwords.
Do you think Kolya would get it? – Eliza Igorevna thank you very much, put in the words of Nick.
– Yes, not at all my boy, not at all.
I thought for a long time whether to go to you or not.
Well, if you lived with a fucking wife, you would not know anything, maybe

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you would be happy.
I didn’t even for you and not for myself, for Katya I worried about yours, no matter how she put her hands on herself.
There are different women, you think it’s all true that this bastard of your Kate sang, as women are happy to instruct their husbands with their horns.
The fact of the matter is that not all.
Not one will break life, this beast is on its conscience.
However, what I have no conscience about, no.
Well, nothing tomorrow I will go to your Kate, I hope, we will have time, let’s sleep my boy.
the end
It all started with the fact that I on the street recklessly insulted a woman of 35 years old who accidentally pushed me.
In response, she abruptly turned and, coming up close to me, said: What? What are you rude, bastard? From such a turn of events, I seemed dumbfounded.
And she continued.
You will have to work for insulting me.
You will be my slave.
What are you, crazy crazy, – I replied, grinning.
No, I am not crazy, either you will become my slave and answer for the insult, or you will simply be found and shot like a mad dog.
So go ahead, choose quick.
Well, okay, forgive me, – I tried to settle the situation.
You can’t get off with an apology, let’s choose – making it clear to me that I have only two options. Glen campbell ballads and bluegrass.

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