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because anal sex is first and foremost the sex of men; Zigzags in the anal brunette brunettes – just a sublimation – and therefore swam around the room the smell is not just anal sex, but the smell is the same.
a minute later, a sticky handkerchief crumpled into a lump flew to the floor.
– Rasik, lie down.

– Dimka said, moving to the side – giving room to Rasim next to him.
– A little lie down – and go to the shower.

Yes? “Yes,” said Rasim, echoing like an echo.
For a while they, two naked guys with noticeably swollen, slightly darkened pipis, silently lay against each other – they looked into each other’s eyes; they both felt full sexual satisfaction, both felt pleasant — light — empty in their crotchs.
Gently looking at Rasik – at the infinitely beloved Rasik – Dimka thought that now he, who loved Dimka, was the happiest man in the whole immense universe, Dimka himself did not know – could not explain to himself why anal sex with Rasim for him, for Dimka, from the very beginning of his flashing, instantly flared up, invisibly flared love was filled with sacral significance, but in his sweet dreams-fantasies Dimka always fucked his beloved boyfriend in the ass, and now that this oh happened, when this t was realized in fantasy, but in real life, he has Dimka, suddenly appeared, suddenly there was a persistent feeling that Rasik — Rasik’s favorite — didn’t just fill him with love in the form of sperm lowered in the ass, but he, that is, Rasik, passionately beloved, as if consecrated, infused with his infinite love.

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It was a strange and at the same time unusually pleasant, sweet feeling to think like that, looking at the best guy in the world, Dimka looked at Rasim, and to him, Dimka, it seemed that now he loves Rasim even more, more, even more indissoluble.
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