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They went out into the cloakroom where their clothes lay, and from there they entered through another door leading to a rather spacious room, resembling a regular hotel room.
Timur looked around – there was a regular double bed in the room, the floor was carpeted, and shelves hung on the walls, on which the most ordinary toys for sexual pleasures were scattered.
Timur did not find anything suspicious.

A member of his already so swollen that even ached a bit, apparently adopted the drug.
He glanced at Lara.
She stood, often breathing, in some kind of arousal.
The sun and Lena, passing forward, turned their backs to them.
From somewhere from the ceiling came the classical music.
As if following a program, the Sun and Lena, without turning around, began to take off their hips, skirts with their panties.
Synchronously bending forward, they simultaneously lowered their skirts down over their legs, and, straightening up, with their feet, threw them aside.
Then they both turned around.
Lara and Timur goggled with surprise, they looked at the two healthy male dicks sticking up in the perineum of the girls! Hui were the most real.
At the Sun it was about the same size as that of Timur, while Lenin was a member, though not much longer, but at least twice as thick.
Both, or both, Timur could not understand how to call them now, they smiled broadly.
“This is our little surprise,” the Sun said sweetly.
– You like? – I can not believe! – said Lara.
– Are you a hermaphrodite ?! “What an educated girl,” said the Sun, moving closer to them, “I hope you have nothing against a small sexual experiment,” with these words she approached Timur and dug her lips into his open mouth.
Timur felt about his member rubs the same, belonging to the sun.
A terrible excitement struck him and, throwing aside all the complexes, he responded to the caress of the Sun, taking her in his arms.

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Next to them were kissing a passionately Lena and Lara.
Gradually, without ceasing to caress each other, both couples moved towards the bed.
The first to lie down Timur and the Sun.

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The sun immediately fell on its back and, turning around, began to suck the member Timur.
In the face of Timur was her male, bloodshot member.
Without thinking, Timur resolutely took it in his mouth and began to suck.
It was not so easy, a member filled the whole mouth, and there was not much room for maneuver.
Timur began to make progressive movements, deeper and deeper, swallowing his penis.
Soon he was in his throat.
Holding his breath, Timur pressed, and immediately felt the penis entering his throat.
He completely swallowed a member, resting his lips on clean shaven eggs of the sun.
Before his eyes was her anus.
It was well designed.
Timur felt that he did not have enough air, and began to release a member.
They sucked each other for about a minute.
And at this time, sitting beside them, Lena, shaking her breasts, fucked Lara standing on all fours, in the vagina.
Releasing each other, Timur and the Sun joined them.
The sun knelt before Lara and put her cock in her mouth.
Timur also got behind the Sun and began to enter the member in her ass.
The member smoothly entered her warmth.
Moving back and forth, the Sun alternately introduced the penis into Lara’s mouth and thrust ass onto Timur’s cock.
After practicing so little more, they changed positions.
The sun replaced Lena and put her dick in Lara’s ass.
Lena lay down on her back and lifted her legs, Timur brought her penis into it.
He fucked Lena, seeing her fat cock shaking from his pushes.
Timur lay down on her and, clinging to her big breasts, continued to fuck her warm ass.
Lena’s cock rubbed on his belly.
Then to him, behind the Sun attached.
Continuing to introduce a member of Lena Timur felt the sun introduces his cock into his ass.
Lara, standing on all fours in front of him, framed her vagina for her brother, Timur obediently licked her crotch crotch.
After a couple of minutes, the positions changed again.
Now Timur fucked Lena.
Her cock decently bursting his ass, penetrating into the depths of the rectum.
Lara rode, sitting on a member of the Sun.
They changed positions many times.
Each member has repeatedly visited every available hole.
Not less than half an hour has already passed, and no one has yet finished, apparently this was the way a pierced drug acted. Hidden cam sex anal.

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