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When Madeleine’s hands reached out to my nipples, I sharply turned her back and knocked her across the table, giving her a chance to recover.
Not bad, very good, for a start.
It took me 3 months for her to fully trust me.

And now this bitch in love, does not quite understand what is happening to her, but obediently performs everything that I tell her.
And what is important, she likes it.
How do you? Have you not done this to you yet? – I always liked to ask unexpected questions at the most inopportune moment.
– Spread your legs, bitch! She obediently spread her legs, continuing to stand leaning over the table.
She silently listened to her new sensations, she obviously was new to such treatment with her.
I took the cream, and began to gently lubricate her anus.
I did not want her to hurt right away.
First I inserted one finger, rotating it back and forth, then two fingers.
Periodically, I was interested in her well-being, this moment I was a very caring and attentive host.
My fingers alternately entered one or another hole, gently massaging them.
Moaning with pleasure, she began to move her hips, squeeze the buttocks and make attempts to sit on my fingers, until a deeper penetration.
After a few seconds, she finished publishing a lingering moan, and stretched out in a voluptuous smile.
Madeleine hugged my neck and kissed me deeply on the lips.
Well, all Pusya, the session is over, go sit back and rest.
I am not always so kind to my slaves, but to this I felt compassion.
too shy, too gentle and docile. Hidden cam sex china.

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