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He asked about the cost of the service in his native language and wished to use them.
In the eyes of annoyed men, he led the girl away with him.
Truth be told, she was extremely happy about that – standing alone, she still felt ill at ease.

But everything changed from the moment a client named Victor approached her.
The case remained for small – it remained to get to the room.
While they were walking to the hotel, Oksana realized that she had gone too far with the juice, and now she was no longer sure what would come.
– What’s wrong with you? – Victor noticed her concern.
– I need to go to the toilet.
“Well, we will come soon,” her client reassured me, and began to watch her closely.
Oksana, noticing his gaze, began to sentence that she was not sure what would come.

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I began to do all the grimaces that characterize a girl who unbearably wants to visit the restroom.
Out of the corner of her eye, she watched him, and understood that her position impressed him, and the client called “boils”.
The girl liked when Victor was turned on, and the situation itself, that she, in the form of a “whore”, goes to the hotel to the “client” and wants to go to the toilet at the same time, disturbed her.
Adrenaline splashed in blood.
She wanted more mischief and madness.
Seeing neatly trimmed lawns, she had a crazy thought in her head.
After slightly reading that she was already “barely suffering”, the girl said that she “could no longer” and at that very second, in front of Victor, she sifted to the lawns, sat down slightly, and a lively picture stuck to his amazed and sophisticated gaze.

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worthy of the monument: beautiful, sexy “slut”, with a facial expression that read “I really could no longer, forgive me, please”, slightly bent at the knees, sticking out a little ass and streaming flowed along her legs directly to the cut grass.
For about half a minute, approximately, Oksana remained motionless in this position.
Then, as if nothing had happened, she stepped onto the sidewalk.
Soon they arrived at the room, Oksana immediately rushed into the shower, and after her, and Victor.
From everything he saw, he was overflowing with emotions, and barely standing under warm streams, he rushed at her like a furious predator on a prey.
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