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No, wait, do not (this is what I can’t stand for today!) Then, okay? – he calmly smiled and said: Good! – and put it off, but next.
Having caressed my crack, he confidently moved me to the edge of the bed, put a pillow under my butt, put his legs on his shoulders, knelt beside me, still moving me lower to himself.

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How confidently and clearly he acts, but somehow there is no romance, as with a thing! Yes, what a romance you already, spread her legs and try to achieve maximum pleasure if you endure! – flashed through my head.
Then he touched the head of the entrance to the vagina, moved it, pusmosil and carefully began to enter.
I breathed harder, because the walls completely encircled his penis, and I felt him well.
Going all the way, he bent down and began to kiss my chest, moving carefully, then put a pillow under my head so that it was more convenient to get my mouth to my lips.
I was rolled up like a donut, but the caresses of his mouth and the fucking of my vagina interrupted these inconveniences.
With his every movement of the penis, we sucked more and more, breathing became deep, we caught one rhythm.
Periodically, I pulled away from his face and looked down, I could clearly see how his fat cock rammed my flesh.
I again felt like a lustful female.
Once again today I was surprised at myself, feeling that I didn’t need much time to finish (for my leisure, I’ll remember, for a story, how many orgasms I had today).

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Then I noticed that Andrei was watching us, he was alone.
He looked with such interest, as if assessing what state we are in, what we feel, how to pass on our feelings with Sergey.
This added a new tide to me.
We looked into his eyes with him (I read him – you see? How nice you are! I could probably read – well, what are you doing with me?) Looking at each other’s eyes, he gently began to stroke my face hair.
Still, he is very gentle – sexy – I said.
After all, it was he who brought me to such a state that I don’t care how many men fuck me.
I decided, as if in gratitude, to convey a little tenderness to Andrew.
I licked my fingers, stretched out my hand and carefully, as far as Sergey’s pace allowed me, began to excite Andrei’s member.
I continued to stroke him, squeezing in my hand from time to time and passing from the base to the head.
The member, supporting, began to grow stronger, I liked it, I wanted to feel his hard cock.
Sergey, looking at it, breathed more often, and his movements became more assertive, he was probably about to finish, and I was ready.
Feeling that we would not last long, Andrew laid a hand on his shoulder.
Do not hurry Sergey, do not stop! Now it will be a little more interesting.
Stand up for a second.
Sergei reluctantly stopped and carefully.
pulled my club out of me.
Fuh! – me again, as if I was shocked by the current! I exhaled in displeasure (I would like Sergei to finish faster), and Sergei smiled and lay down on the bed.
Andrew, whispered something to him, then took me by the hands and lifted, puzzled, I sat up in bed.
Sit on me, – said Sergey, stroking his penis.
I understood that now I’ll be exactly fucked up in two dicks.
This thought is simultaneous and exciting and frightening. Hot naked girls on webcam.

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