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The capital was buried in flowers, each shop, each shop was decorated with a festive wreath or bouquet.
In the taverns and squares poured free wine, toasts were heard to the new ruler and his knights.
The country that lost the war was euphoric.
The tyrant fell, the oppressor fell, that for decades he drank the blood of the common people.
The victorious warriors marched along the main street, the stone pavement trembled under their mighty walk.

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The city guards pushed aside the townspeople who lined up along the street, everyone wanted to greet the winners, throw flowers or a sweet delicacy.
Ahead, on a white stallion, moved the King of the Second, the winner of the desert demons, the conqueror of the Lake District, the destroyer of the Dark Citadel, and now also the conqueror of the Forest Kingdom.
On his gilded armor, sunbeams galloped, a benevolent smile wandered on his face, and a hand was raised in a greeting gesture.
The tour went to the capital castle of the Forest Kingdom to get acquainted with the affairs in their new possessions.
Slightly behind, the king was followed by his loyal generals and the eldest son, the heir, who, despite his young age, managed to become famous as a skilled warrior and a wise commander.
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