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In sex online english online. On the radio broadcast criminal reports.
“Yesterday, at the entrance to the club, a businessman, known in certain circles as“ Farah ”, was shot, none of the passers-by was injured.
Farah died on the spot before the doctors arrived from a gunshot wound to the head.
The attacker managed to escape in a dark-colored car.

The police announced an interception plan, which did not yield any results.
A criminal case has been opened on this fact. ”
Alexander noticed that Marina listened very attentively to this report, and that she sighed with relief.
– This case is not your Igor sewn? – No, although this is his club, but this is not it.
I would love to shoot him.
– Are you sure that Igor and Farah are not the same person? And that “Igor” is his real name? – Sure.
– Where does this confidence come from, do you know everything about Igor? – Similarly, sure.
– Do you know Farah with this authority? – Alexander was surprised.
– familiar? God forbid! Just heard, somehow Igor called this name with me.
After some time, Marina suddenly stopped the car at the sidewalk and suddenly said, “Sasha, let’s get married!” Alexander was slightly taken aback by such an onslaught.
– I do not know Marina.
You have a difficult, difficult character, my character is also not sugar.
– Sasha, neither you nor I will ever again find for myself the “half” that takes ours with you, so to speak, deviations.
By the way, the statistics says that couples like us are very stable, so it is clear that there will never be such luck a second time. In sex online english online.

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