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Hell is almost unconscious, she does not breathe, does not swallow the sperm that prevents her from breathing.
Her nipples are still in my hands, I squeeze and unscrew them with all my strength.
The body’s reflex, adrenaline rush to extinguish the pain, awakens with consciousness and makes you take a sharp deep breath.

From the influx of oxygen to the brain, it covers the eupharyia, another couple of small skillful movements with fingers and orgasm overtakes her.
All muscles are filled with oxygen, eagerly seized by the lungs.
The body beats a shiver, it cannot control itself.
I take Adu in my arms and lay him on the floor and lie down next to him against her back.
A shiver gradually calmed down and after five minutes spreading out, she closes her eyes.
But she did not fall asleep, having lain for ten minutes without moving, opened her eyes and, turning to me, kissed her, without any excitement, and only with tenderness.
I started to get up, took my hand and pulled me along.
I got up and followed her.
We went into the next room.
In it, I have not been yet, Ada and she rarely went there.
In a rather large room at the center there was a jacuzzi, and the interior was decorated in the Chinese minimalist style.
Ada, without stopping, immediately went to the bathroom and turned on the motors.
The water began to seethe and froth, some oils or salts were obviously added to it.
The air has a faint cinnamon flavor.
Miss Wong climbed into the jacuzzi, I followed her example.
Both of us had enough sex for today and we just gently kissed.
Her kisses had a slight taste of semen.
Evgenia confidently turned the steering wheel.
It was hard to believe that this fragile young girl had learned driving skills recently, less than a month ago.

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But it was like that.
Artificial girls were quick and easy to learn.
Especially the latest models, to which belonged Telegin’s personal doll.
While Zhenya was driving a foreign car through the streets of the capital to the next object, which had to introduce a temporary chip, giving the opportunity to monitor the state of the pupa at a distance, Alex was dozing.
Therefore, Eugene’s question was a surprise to him: – And what is the main difference between me and a person? – together with the question in his direction the piercing look of green eyes darted.
– Cute face – thought Alex – but only very serious – Why do you care? The girl said thoughtfully: “We are outwardly just like ordinary girls.”
And each of us lives its own life.
So what’s the difference? – In principle, there is no difference – Telegin shrugged his shoulders – you are better than real people in beauty.
You are smarter, you are more talented.
I do

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not even know – he smiled.
He did not have much desire to pinpoint this topic.
“But we cannot continue our race, that’s what makes our difference!” – Zhenya herself answered her question – and we were created to live for the sake of others – We all live for someone.
And people as well.
– And for whom do you live? – Zhenya turned the pretty head to him again. He had to answer.
Although it was strange that his personal fembot began to ask questions that Alex could not answer.
Telegin really didn’t know for sure – for whom or what he lived.
Once the whole meaning of his being was concluded on one person – his girlfriend.
When she betrayed him, Telegin simply existed.
Acquaintance with Dr. Shevchenko turned the course of Alex’s life to a completely different, one might even say, fantastic side.
Other, including love and the continuation of a kind of Telegin have not yet bothered.
– Each of the people has parents – maybe I live for them – he said thoughtfully – or maybe I just live.
– And do you like what you have created for you? – Yes, very much – Alex smiled – you are the best.
And I am grateful to your “father” that he made such a miracle.
Theoretically, these words should please Eugene.
But she didn’t even smile back.
The beautiful young face was still focused.
“You like me, then why do you like other girls?” – She also strictly asked – This is how a person works.
It is as if embedded in us.
And I’m making love to your sisters exclusively for business reasons – Telegin, frankly, was slightly taken aback by such inquiries. Indian model big boobs.

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