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And their subsequent attachment.
It is better and stronger than any physical domination.

Lingered at work.
I go to the mail before leaving.
Message from the bottom: “I can not, I do not want more, I’m tired.
I’ll take the youngest to the army, go to the monastery. ”
Problems, hysterics, need to be saved: “What monastery? Wait, I’ll dial soon. ”
I rent an office on the console, sit behind the wheel, dial the number: “Good evening, girl.”
– “Yes, Master.
“- sobs.
I do not know how to regret and I will not.
But it is necessary to save.
It’s night in the yard, I’m in a nearby town, not far, but this time.
During this time, a female tantrum can be fatal.
Pull out the essence of the problem – the eldest son.
A couple of phrases, the girl breathes evenly, the tears are still stopped, but not for long.
A few words to attract attention, and then the order: “So, you will satisfy yourself right now.”
– “But.
“-” Take the camera, I want to see it.
Lie on the floor, put the camera between your legs.
And start to caress yourself.
Do not turn off the phone, I must hear, ”- orders are dry and fast, there is no time to think about them.
I hear the silence in the pipe, the movement, the sobbing stopped – this is the main thing.
And then her breath.
I do not see, but I hear.
A heavy sigh, a rustle from the camera installation, she cannot disobey, she used to trust and obey without question.
Now she ran her fingers between her legs, and I hear a deep breath.

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Breathing becomes faster, the girl with her finger touches the clitoris, presses.
Breathing in the tube stops for a moment, but suddenly becomes deep and intermittent.
More often, more often.
Now she must finish.
I know how she ends.
She begins to breathe deeply, gasping for breath, then a small shiver runs through her body, and then vaginal muscles convulsively squeeze, squeezing my cock to pain.
this is when i’m in it.
And now she is alone.
And I just listen.
“Aaaa”, – the suppressed shout in a tube.
She is not alone at home.
“, – “I hear.
Good night, girl, bring the record to the meeting, ”- cut off the call.
Tomorrow, she will powder her eyes that are puffy with tears, put on make-up and go to work.
She will communicate with subordinates in the usual manner of the queen – down and a little dismissive.
In the morning I read the message: “THANK YOU, Master.
It really became easier.
And after a couple of days, she dutifully kneels before the one and only Lord, her Master.
And she will try to suppress the gag reflex, swallowing my whole member, will wipe the tears from my eyes, but at the same time smile.
The whore of his Master belongs entirely to only one.
Maybe for a few weeks.
Or maybe for life.
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We live like blind kittens, poking into the corners of the box until our eyes are open, and having learned to overcome the edge of the box, we go out into a world that is so big that we first get scared, then interesting, then hard, because the top is pressured by the weight of experience gained, like a backpack with unnecessary things.
But in fact, everything is simple – first we invent a box, then we poke into its corners, then we notice that there have never been any boxes, and we invent a world beyond its

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borders, then a load of acquired experience, then something else.
And then we understand that the lessons have already been taken, and you can go for a walk.
By and large, people are random, but solid, all over fifty, not children.
But sometimes cognac and cigars have to talk heart to heart.
This time for some reason they started talking about flogging women. Indian webcam anal.

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