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The girls licked their fingers with obvious pleasure, collected sperm here and there, and they absolutely didn’t care about Sam.
Trying not to slip, and indeed not to advance in the puddles, our hero examined the distant corners of each of the containers.
He found a screwdriver, ammunition for it and several armored plates.

Now, it was possible to go further.
At first, Sam thought to shoot all the girls and dickheads, but seeing in what bliss they come – changed his mind.
There is no danger from them now.
While he was collecting everything useful and equipped, he noticed that some ladies’ tummies became bigger and rounded.
I wonder what kind of zoo will be here soon? He received the answer to his question faster than he expected.
Childbirth began at all girls at the same time.
Stunned, Sam watched as the light jumped out into the world, not more than his little finger member and the same blonde babies, but with advanced forms.
Food, snorting and whining all this kindergarten curled and boiled near the feet of the stricken Sam.
There was no attack, but our hero hurried to get out of here, the more he waited in front of a long and difficult path.
Behind the buildings in which he found several more bronplastin and a transparent cube-first-aid kit, shimmering like a soap bubble opened the entrance to the rocky gorge fifty paces wide and stretching between the piles of rocks for some unknown distance.
At the entrance to the gorge there was a building.
A two-story cylinder-shaped stone tower with a wooden cone-shaped roof.
A door made of thick oak planks was open.
Sam went around the turret and did not find the entrance from the other side thought.
Log in? Do not go? Well, I’ll come.
And he came in, expecting of course some kind of dirty trick, but at the same time hoping that something interesting would be found inside.
The door behind him slammed shut.

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He found himself in a completely empty room, except for a hefty chest standing at the opposite wall.
– So-so, let me guess.
Now I will look into it,

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find something such there, then the door will open and just go out, the devil knows who to pounce on me.
Well, quite predictable scenario.
Sam checked again that the vintar was fully charged and opened the chest.
A bright flash blinded him, a rumble broke into his ears.
When all this disappeared, Sam found himself completely naked standing in front of the entrance to the gorge, covered with bright green carpet weed.
The tower disappeared, and with it all its weapons.
The only thing that turned out to be a strange construction in his hands was something like a leather belt with a motor and buttons, and a condom made of thick yellowish rubber hung in front.
– What the hell is this ?! – barked Sam in bewilderment staring at the subject in his hands.
(Reference London-de-agglomerator Damage – 10 Clip – 1 electromagnetic vibration device Additional device – gravitational gripper-compensator with phase pressure regulator.
A kind of vigorous rock and roll.
Sam hurried to put on his new weapon, in the effectiveness of which he strongly doubted.
In contact, his member stiffened and entered the condom like a glove.
A few light bulbs flashed on the belt.
Dick, dressed in rubber has grown significantly, so that Sam, whose dignity and without tog was rather big, whistled in surprise.
Hmm, maybe not so bad? With proper dexterity, it is quite possible to break a pair of skulls with this hammer.
I wonder who attacks him? Is gnarry? Only not this! And what to do with them? In the mouth to plant? Heck! Given the size of their teeth, this is not a very good idea.
On the possibility of planting gnarram in the hole on the other side as an alternative, Sam did not even want to think.
Fortunately, though, how to say, the titted girls ran to him again.
Dazzlingly beautiful: black, white, redhead.
But no, for some reason, the redhead was alone.
And all in latex costumes in the style of BDSM.
Naked remained boobs bulging from round cuts, ass and wet pussy with defiantly open lips of the labia.
– Che for garbage! – Sam spat annoyingly.
– While he is busy with one, the rest, and their pieces of fifteen will be hammered with his whips.
Yes, in the hands of hysterically screaming girls, three-tailed lashes were awesome.
Somehow it did not smile to get such cross faces or lower backs.
Here, the first of the attackers approached.
Asshole, titted black woman.
Sam dodged the whip and here.
His new weapon did everything herself.
Sharply thrown half a meter forward (and Sam did not feel the pain) and pierced directly into the wet, half-open hole of the vagina. Indonesia live sex cam.

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