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Wait! – Suddenly he heard Kolya behind his back a terrible cry.
Turning around, Kohl saw an unfamiliar girl in a white robe – the same high school girl, like most nannies.
Well, admit it, why did you go to the toilet, – the girl asked with a sly smile.

Kohl understood that the question was not addressed to him, but to the boy who had just left the toilet.
Why are you keeping silent? – the girl raised her voice, – Language swallowed? Answer me, did you go small or big? In a big way, – the boy quietly confessed and blushed deeply.
Then you need to check whether you wiped clean ass, – said the girl, – Quickly pull down the pants! The girl suddenly turned to Kolya.
And you too! – she ordered.
The boys reluctantly pantyhose down to his knees. Kalisa pearl chaturbate webcamshow.

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