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And tomorrow I will tell everyone that you offered me.
And our friendship is over.
Then I

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strangled him.

I always differed Bo strong physical training.
I scattered things around his room.
Carefully broke the window.
And went to sleep.
At his funeral, I sobbed, so that I was taken to the hospital and sealed off there with valerian.
No one could even think that I was a murderer.
All blamed it on the wandering drug addicts, in our village, then, in large quantities.
The story of the Luchists Turnato.
In my youth I did something stupid, I married a widower.
Rentuto had a son.
This bastard, cool spoiled our lives.
He could easily, in the middle of the night, burst into our bedroom, during unrestrained sex, turn on the light and declare in a tearful voice that he was afraid.
His favorite joke was when his father was at work, to sneak up on the bathroom or the toilet when I was there and turn off the lights.
Then, to the questions, why did he do it? Bastard, replied that it was not him, and probably was a break with electricity.
I love and know how to cook.
Rentuto was always pleased with my cooking, but his son, he never even told me a “thank you”.
His antics were disgusting! He could, easily, spit out food in a plate with the words: “Ugh! That’s disgusting! I’m going to throw up now! ”

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At first, I tried to establish contact with him, but this serpent, only stronger, began to dirty.
Husband souls in him doted.
And all my conversations, tried to translate into a joke.
I became nervous.
I began to be afraid of sex, imagining that the little rascal would rush into the room and turn on the light.
Once I could not stand it and, grabbing my father’s belt, strongly gritted them a bastard.
He cried all day.
In the evening, we had an unpleasant conversation with her husband.
He gave me a choice.
I chose freedom.
But in my psyche, something broke.
I endlessly bought men’s belts and scoured the streets in search of another victims.
I offered them money for spanking.
Most agreed.
It was a lot of money.
Having driven him to a secluded place, I whipped him with a belt from the heart.
Then she paid.
After that, I had rampant sex with anyone.
This could go on for a week or two.
Then everything was repeated.
Of course they caught me.
Neither huge dark glasses, nor bright clothes, nor makeup, saved me.
I stayed 4 months.
After his release, the year was treated.
But, only being free, I immediately found a new victim.
I like it.
And probably, I have already forgotten the one who is the cause.
I just like it! The story of Densito At 18, I became acquainted with drugs.
At first – it was a harmless “weed”.
Then the wheels went into action.
And finally, I sat on the needle.
Of course, money was always needed for a dose.
I started stealing slowly in stores and in public transport.
I was very clever and often it was easy for me.
But one day, they caught me and beat me hard.
Left hand broken.
In the hospital, where my dad and his new young wife came, I shamelessly lied that I do not remember anything, and a gang of teenagers attacked me in the alley.
I told the police the same thing.
Honey sister, immediately guessed that I was a drug addict and occasionally fed me with pills. Latex sex online.

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