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Those guys and men who passed nearby could not help but notice her lighted, beautiful, trimmed ass, separated by a thin, black striped thong.
There were compliments from the side, but Tanya did not hear them, she madly wanted to go to the toilet.
The house where Tanya and Vika rented a room was behind the fence, near which Tanya was now registered.

Beyond the gate, there was a path to the house of the hostess — a high, three-storyed hovel, in which only wealthy people rented rooms.
Near this hut, the path turned left, passing by a block structure – a small building that combines a toilet and showers, and led to a one-story box with a veranda in which Tanya and Vika lived.
Tanya found the strength to straighten.
With small steps, she went to the gate, quickly opened it and entered the courtyard.
– Lord, even if there were no people in the courtyard, I would sit right here! – She thought, closing the gate and shifting from foot to foot.
But to her misfortune, in the arbor that was five meters from the gate, sat three men.
They smoked and talked about something.
Tanya noticed them, and felt that her writing was about to stop resisting the pressure of urine from a bladder, and the trickle repeated, or perhaps a powerful jet, which she was so afraid of.
Taking herself in hand and gathering all her strength, Tanya went along the path to the toilet.

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In her head, in those few seconds, various thoughts were creeping in, but one of them just struck Tanya on felling: – Fuck! Mistress of the same toilet for the night after eleven closes! I don’t have a key with me, he is with Vika! – remembered Tanya, running up to the toilet.
From resentment and desire to share, she wanted to cry, but she considered herself a strong girl, and therefore she restrained herself.
The hostess did close the toilet and showers for the night, so that no one else from behind the fence could enter and spoil her property.
She had such a law, so she gave each new guest not only the key to the room, but also the key to the toilet and showers.
The entrance door to the toilet was on the side, just on the side looking to the end of the living box.
– Lord, even if there was no queue! – mentally begged Tanya.
When she ran up to the space where the toilet door looked at the wall of gas silicate blocks of the residential building and the side of the veranda, she noticed two girls from the next room squatting near the wall.
Both were blondes

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, both in beach slate, one was wearing blue denim shorts and a green T-shirt with a harness, the other in a black top and black sweatpants.
Freshly lit cigarettes were smoldering in their hands, a half-empty plastic half-liter glass of beer stood next to each.
Seeing them, Tanya was taken aback, but a wild desire to get to the cherished place led her instantly to feelings.
– Girls, are you in the toilet? – looking at them with insane eyes, and imperceptibly shifting from one foot to the other, Tanya asked.
The girls, looking at Tanya, wriggling in her hands, positively nodded in response with their heads.
– Girls, I’m sorry! – Tanya grabbed the crotch – Can I go off the queue, just barely tolerate! Lesbian sex live tv.

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