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The girl is obedient, doing all that he said when they went into the room Lesha said: – Well, now you can open your eyes.
When the girl opened her eyes, there was no chapel to her delight, her heart was beating so that the person who was her ideal stood just before her, she cried out with joy: – Maria Alexandrovna !!! The girl came up to her and began to kiss and hug her with joy, she muttered: – Maria Alexandrovna, I am glad to see you.
You are my ideal woman.

– I’m glad to see you too.
Now we will always be there, I love you my Vlada.
“Well, stop hugging, go and have tea,” said Anatoly, looking at the girls.
The girls went to the kitchen, sat down at the table. Vlad looked at the guys, asked: “Well, do the guys inquire where you met Maria Alexandrovna?” Anatoly smiled, looked at the girl, said in reply: “Vlada, I know you didn’t understand our relationship with Lyosha.”
But to your surprise, Maria is my cousin.
We are now leaving with Lesha, we have a meeting at the club, and you talk to Maria.
Immediately make a reservation, we are leaving for the night.
– Anatoly, and where are your relations with Lesha? This is so by the way, but I promise you tomorrow, you will treat us differently and understand everything.
After finishing the tea, the guys got dressed and left, the girls were left alone, Vlada asked Maria where she had been for so many years.
Maria first wanted to gossip girls, invent a fabulous story that she was sent to Siberia as a punishment, but did not deceive Vlad.
Maria told the girl that for the death of her boy she was put in prison, where she was serving a sentence, but for her exemplary behavior she was released ahead of schedule.

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The girl attentively listened to her interlocutor and did not take her eyes off her, she pulled the chair closer and hugged her former physical education teacher.
Maria kissed the girl in the head and said in her ear: – Vlad, may I take a shower? And while you still make tea and bring it to a large room, it is more convenient to sit on the couch and drink tea.
Maria took the package, a large towel and in the same minute went into the bathroom.
The girl turned on the kettle, in the large room on the coffee table put two tea mugs, sugar and sweets.
Vlada could not understand why she was seized by an incomprehensible feeling, even Mary and a woman, but she wanted to cuddle up to

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her body and feel her warmth.
The girl could not resist and without knowing it went into the bathroom, she quietly entered, began to observe Maria.
The woman felt that someone was watching her, but did not give a look, she immediately realized that Vlad was watching her, but the fear of scaring the girl did not let her rest.
Vlada stood, admired a beautiful figure, a big rounded ass, she wanted to throw off her clothes and climb into the bathroom and touch her beautiful body while Maria was standing with her girlfriend’s ass.
Vika watched with immense admiration as Maria washes away the remnants of the gel foam from the shower and slowly turned in front of the girl.
When Vlada saw her big breasts, her pupils dilated, she wanted to touch them, the girl was slightly embarrassed and involuntarily turned her eyes down.
The drawn-up elastic belly and neatly shaved pubis brought the girl more delight, not holding back her emotions, she said: – Maria, what a beautiful figure you have, and your chest is something beyond perfection.
“Yes, I am Tokoy,” Maria murmured jokingly with a smile in reply.
The woman washed off the remnants of foam, dried off with a towel, she took on a hanger a silk dressing gown of dark red without buttons and put it on her naked body to emphasize the beautiful figure she casually tied with a belt in the waist.
“As I envy you, you have a beautiful figure, the men fall in piles at your feet,” said Vlada in admiration.
– You also have nothing to figure, so delicious.
– Yes, skin and bones, and for the place of breasts acne. Lesbian webcam show.

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