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Go, I myself later.
By the way – she looked at Prokhor – you, young man, if you pass by – come in, do not be shy.
I’m always glad to you.

And you, Sergey Yuryevich.
however, you go too.
But forget about Masha.
Now, knowing you.
well enough, I will not let you close to her.
After such parting, the young people left the hospitable house.
Prokhor is a little out of his mind about the availability and depravity of the seemingly exemplary mother of the family.
The lieutenant is simply pleased with the occasioned opportunity.
Home Prokhor got quite late.
Having quickly reported to his uncle, he had dinner alone and fell asleep, without even thinking of demanding from the wife the fulfillment of marital duty.
To be continued.
All the chapters of the little story were published on the Internet under the pseudonym “Vaska”.
Attention readers submitted a full and slightly edited version.
Major actors Mark – Galactic humanoid of earthly origin, sixteen years old.
Lisa is a fluffy humanoid, beloved girl from childhood.
Her fur is amazing green.
Lot is a sexless humanoid, very similar to a three-meter tall scarecrow in a garden, with six tiny nipples in one row and many tongues.
Considers himself a girl.
Annie is a virtual earthly woman in the mind of the Kid.
The kid is an intergalactic ship of the highest class, he just turned six years old.
Genie and Gina are the

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bride and groom, the Baby Robots.
Tanya is an earthly girl whom the aliens decided to kidnap for the birth of a baby.
Lena – Tanina mom, as her grandmother, they also decided to kidnap her.
Venue: our galaxy.
All conversations were conducted in a language completely different from any of the human dialects.
Earth names are used for names and terms.

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Chapter 1.
The dogs woke me up in the morning.
– The baby will arrive in half an hour! – Zhulya reported, licked her hand and rushed off to a large clearing.
I regretfully broke away from hot Lizonka and kissed the soft head: – Honey, wake up! Honey stretched several times.
I could not resist and stroked a cute little tail.
She angrily flashed amazing yellow eyes: – Turn around, shameless! I did not think to turn away.
Anyway, in the morning I always combed the emerald hair of Lizonka, I never forgot about the tail.
This is an amazing sight to watch your beloved woman sip from sleep.
I was splashing in a beaver pond.
As always the Gosh beaver sailed and asked for carrots.
He himself was able to grow carrots, but for some reason he thought that my tastier.
I patted him on a wet back and created a temporal field for three months into the future.
The carrot was good.
“Dig it up yourself,” I said, “and plant the carrot yourself, I still need to comb Lizonka!” Behind him, I raised two thick ashes.
– Teeth then practice, – I smiled.
The beavers can’t talk, but Gosh and I were cyborg.
At birth, tiny computers were implanted into us, and they spoke for us.
Goshin appeared directly in me.
Here we need an explanation.
I was a man who is almost no different from a sixteen-year-old earthly teenager.
Back in Imperial times, my ancestors were taken from Earth to the Galaxy.
Lizonka was my sixteen-year-old mistress, but she was not a man.
She and I had long been a crew of the Kid, an intergalactic spacecraft.
Here we need additional explanations.
Approximately ten thousand years ago, the last war broke out in the Galactic Empire, a tiny number of quark bombs were left from inhabited planets.
Almost all traces of civilization instantly disappeared.
The pitiful remnants of the humanoid inhabitants of the galaxy quickly run wild when the claimants to the throne with their brutal generals disappeared.
The galaxy was saved by the few surviving combat robots.
For the successful conduct of military operations, they had to give a powerful intellect, and the surviving destruction machines agreed among themselves.
They ended the war and created a new wave of civilization, having developed the most complex system of laws of robotics (unlike the 4 laws of Asimov, it turned out to be about one hundred thousand laws).
In fact, the system has already become an ethic that regulates the relations of computers, robots and biological creatures.
The earth survived in the cataclysm, it was a reserve and had no military interest. Live hot sexy show.

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