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Albert September 10, 2006
Today I woke up early.
The first thing I went to Lena in the bedroom.

She was lying on the bed with two bottles sticking out between her legs.
Arms and legs were tied to the bed.
In general, since last night, her position has not changed.
Since Lena was fast asleep, I decided to cook breakfast for us.
When breakfast was ready, I woke Lena, untied her and pulled the bottles out of her holes.
The latter required considerable effort: one bottle did not want to leave my wife’s ass.
Then we went to breakfast.
– What did you cook for me today? – Carefully inquired wife.
– You’ll see: In fact, today’s punishments were worn more psychological than physical, after all, yesterday Lena got above the roof.
At night, I even began to think that I had overdone it, but then I calmed down – what she did requires serious punishment.
– Today we will go to the center.
But first I will prepare you.
Lenka lay on the bed, spread her legs.
Then I could not resist and, taking off his clothes, abruptly entered into it.
At first Lenka silently succumbed to my movements, then began to moan.
I pulled my cock out of her, turned her over on my stomach and began to fuck her in the ass.
At the same time, I twisted her arms behind her back and kept her in that position.
Lena did not even try to escape, she enjoyed herself, although I fucked her very hard: then almost pulling out my dick, then driving her to the full length in her anus.
When I finished, I began to prepare Lena for a walk: I put a vibrator in her vagina and ass, fastened

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them with thin laces on her waist.
Vibrators almost disappeared in her holes.
– I have a gift for you, try on.
It was a white translucent dress.
Lena wore it, the size came up.
Through the thin fabric, her nipples, swollen with excitement, as well as the vagina with the tip of a vibrator sticking out of it, were clearly visible.

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Clothes this dress could be called a stretch: it did not cover anything, Lena stood in front of me as if naked.
– Put on your shoes and go.
– So?! – Yes, so, what did you think? A few minutes later we walked down the street to the subway.
Rare passersby turned to Lena.
In the subway, I asked her to sit without crossing her legs.
She obeyed.
I sat down opposite and looked at her crotch.
From vibrators Lena was, as it seemed to me, extremely excited.
Her vagina glistened with her discharge, her nipples swelled.
All the passengers looked at this sight, and Lena only had to look away.
However, she never showed her displeasure all the way, she just silently endured.
We spent the whole day in the city, had lunch in a crowded place, walked.
All this time I did not let Lena masturbate, I wanted to bring her to the limit.
As soon as we entered the house, I took off my wife’s dress and pulled out a vibrator.
Then I fucked her right in the hallway.
I pressed it against the wall and began to enter it as deep as I could.
A few minutes later, my wife no longer stifled cries of pleasure, then she huddled in her orgasm and firmly pressed herself against me.
– Have you forgiven me? – asked Lena.
“I forgave you from the very beginning, dear.”
After this incident, our relationship became even stronger than before, our sex life has become more diverse.
Now I can say with confidence that we are the perfect couple.
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