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I’m looking for a woman who will shout loudly or quietly say to herself: Yes, it’s me.
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It’s you?
(from frank stories to her husband) My beautiful woman calls, “Will you come soon?” This is not a question, this is a requirement.
I’m going home to my beloved after a two-week business trip.
We met.
They waited for open proximity, but for this it was necessary to put the children, but they didn’t get stuck from me, as my baby didn’t stick off me.
Finally everyone went to bed.
I closed in the bedroom, turned on the porn and waited for my goddess.
She kissed everyone and made sure that the children had lain down, she knocked quietly.
I discovered – she went in, no, introduced herself !!!!!!! I will describe it now and everything will become clear why I idolize her so: Beautiful brunette, gorgeous steep thighs, rounded, taut, but supple teasing ass.

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She likes to dress spectacularly, if she wears trouser suits – the gaze is not to tear off – the seam of trousers is in front, and as a rule, all (any styles) of her trousers, she clearly separates her womb into two halves – just two big sexy lips sticking out with their shafts on either side the center of the vagina clearly and divinely divides the seam of the trousers, drowned in those lips, behind the round balls of a beautiful raised priests – look not to tear.
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) Today she meets me in a white erotic set of underwear, lace stockings with elastic bands under the belt, angelica bra, from which the nipple circles protrude from above, add excitement outlined by lycra panty – shafts of disgusting protruding lips.
– Hike, I’ll admire !!! – I ask, My baby walks around the room, gracefully wagging her hips, she knows how to excite me all these kinds.
– How do you? Nobody offended you while I was gone.
– How to say.
Not hurt, but forced.
– I do not understand, what are you talking about?
– Are you ready to listen? – She asks this question, coming up to me and bending over the protruding penis, rubbed her testicles with a pen and licked a droplet, speaking on a brown head.
– Yes, I’m ready.
– Exactly !!! – All, lie down next to and let’s tell! – I demandingly drew her to me and kissed her soft supple lips.
– It was yesterday, I returned a little later than usual from work, I was delayed – I made a clean copy of an important contract.
I decided to go on foot through the neighborhood, between kindergarten and school.
There were not very many people, but I was in a good mood and did not pay attention to anything.
– I didn’t even notice that two young guys of about eighteen were walking in the distance, but I didn’t attach any importance to this.
Suddenly the guys caught up with me energetically.
I took one by the elbow, but I noticed that it was not with pain, but as something neat, but demanding.
“Girl, or we will rape you, or you will do whatever we want.”
I was shocked.
– Guys, but why me? – We watched you, you are very beautiful, curvaceous, we could not take your eyes off your priests, give us a crab and suck – we will let you go.
Late evening, maybe they weren’t joking with rape.
I was tired, nobody around, the burning eyes of young males, puffing up trousers in men’s places.
– What was I supposed to do, tell Dear? Mom spy cam sex.

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