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Vika took turns making the boys bend down and wipe each ass with a wet napkin.
Nurse was pleased with the result, because the napkin was relatively clean.
Well done, she praised the boys, You can dress.

Andryusha and Pavlik quickly left the room.
But now you will have to do it seriously, ”Vika Kole said ominously, stopping the stopwatch.“ Why didn’t you poke? ” Did not even bother! Nick confusedly silent.
Get up! – pulled his hand nurse, – Now I will take you to the procedure.
You learn what happens to those who do not poop on time.
The boy went cold with fright.
The tone of the girl did not bode well.
Not wearing Kolya tights, Vika took the boy out of the toilet.
So you go, ”she confirmed, noticing how an eight-year-old boy was embarrassed,“ With a bare booty. Naomi campbell nude pictures.

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