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No, this is not arrogance or exaggeration.
Any girl would like to be tall, real green-eyed blonde, have a fourth breast size, perfect waist and hips.

Nature generously endowed me, and everyone noticed it, so my parents, watching the men’s eyes, sometimes, ate my silhouette, in every way intended to protect me from extraneous connections.
Until recently, they succeeded.
I went to school, and did not even think that someone would seduce me, turn my head, and even more so will have sex with me.
Sex – what is it? My knowledge in this area was absent at all.
Everyone says they all do it.
He brings joy, pleasure, a fierce sense of admiration for some, but at the same time others identify him with violence, animal instinct and debauchery, discrediting the younger generation.
My parents belonged to the second category of people.
In my family, I have never heard of sex in the good sense of the word, no one explained to me about it, did not try to help understand the feelings that a person experiences while practicing it.
The severity of my parents did not allow me to watch the love scenes, even on TV, not to mention personal experience.
The only sources of information were the girlfriends who seemed to me to be real professionals in this matter, although most of them were virgins like me.
However, their awareness surprised me, they spoke in terms that were little known to me: ecstasy, masturbation, penis.
I did not know about it and almost never saw it.
Sometimes, at night, I heard my mother groans behind the wall.

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These sounds, as if turning something in me.
I could not fall asleep for a long time, thought about them, felt that my body was reacting to them, my hands, not knowing it, were approaching my pubic hair and want to get under my panties.
Why at night I’m in panties, you ask, – so my mother taught me.
She believed that since I don’t wear nightgowns or pajamas, I must sleep in shorts.
But back to the moans, one day I could not stand it and decided to spy on my parents.
Silently getting out of bed, I went to my first sexual experience.
Then I appreciated him that way.
The door to the room was slightly ajar, and it was obvious that a faint light was burning, so I did not have to move the handle and look closely.
At the moment when my eyes rushed into the gap, the groans reached their apogee.
I was a little frightened, but when I heard that they were rhythmically continued, I immediately clung to the open door.
The picture that presented to me struck me to the extreme.
Parents who said that sex is evil were engaged in it in the most frank form.
For the first time I saw my mother in such a state, she literally convulsed, fidgeting on the wide bed, squeezing her luxurious chest and spreading her legs wide.
At the same time, the head and hands of the father were precisely between them, performing some incredible movements that made the mother’s ass rise high above the bed.
So high that you could see her pubis, completely snow-white, without a single hair.
This really surprised me, because I had a lot of hair in this place, and my mother, when she saw me naked, always emphasized that the hair in the crotch of the legs is the last cover of a woman before someone’s eyes.
Meanwhile, the situation in the room began to change.
The father turned his mother on his stomach, put a pillow, so that her ass was as wide as possible.
He patted it with his hand and ran his tongue between his buttocks.
Finally, he knelt, and I saw what the girlfriends called the penis.
He stuck out like a count, red and fat.
It excited me so much that I woke up for a moment and could not believe my eyes: my panties were very wet and slightly lowered, and my hands were massaging my vagina.
Droplets of incomprehensible liquid flowed from the right foot.
My first thought was that my period began, but this could not be, since they ended three days ago. Nonton film sex online.

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