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Mom threw back her head and I dug her lips against the wall of the elevator.
Click on “Stop”, she said, choking with desire.
I hit the shiny button and the elevator stopped.

Mom unbuttoned my pants, and I rudely pulled up her dress in order to return my dick to her hot and wet bosom again.
Deaf knocks spread throughout the elevator shaft, when my mother, holding me tightly with her strong beautiful legs, took my hard cock inside.
Boobs, suck them, they want so much, – mom moaned.
I dramatically pulled the dress fabric on the neckline, and in front of me appeared a magnificent breast in an expensive bra with brown nipples getting out over the edge of lace fabric.
Another movement and the membrane between the cups was broken, and the bra opened helplessly, hung on the straps, firing two huge boobs out.
I bit them, bit the nipples.
Mom moaned not from pain, not from desire, fidgeting up and down the smooth wall of the elevator.
I finished again, releasing my seed to my mother.
Mom hung on my neck, wrinkling, as if she endured a lot of pain, which is about to end.
Her body slid to the floor of the elevator, and I, breathing heavily, rested my face against the wall of the elevator.
This is some kind of pussy, – said mother, sitting with her bare ass on the cold floor with her legs apart, and in front of her was my soiled cock, – I want more and more, and I don’t know what to do, – mother took in her mouth my cock and began to suck all that was left on it.
Somehow gathering our strength, we pulled on our clothes and went up to the apartment.
After the shower, we collapsed on the bed and hugged under a silk sheet.
That one is so beautiful, without make-up you feel so good, ”I said, looking into my mother’s eyes as soon as we woke up.
Come on, don’t be ridiculous, – mom’s mood was excellent, she first flew out from under the sheets and went to the bathroom.
Our belongings were scattered around the apartment, my mother’s torn bra, shoes, stockings beginning to spread.

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After coffee, I went to the sink to wash the car and tidy up the interior.
On the way home I already got up.
I waited for the moment when I will be at home and my mother will meet me.
Zhenya, I’m at home.
Coming, dear.
Go to the living room and get ready.
I came on time.
Mom entered the hall.
She was wearing a brown Soviet school uniform, two pigtails with bows, white knee-highs and stilettos.
Alexander Andreevich, called? I’m Bessonov.
Called – I immediately entered the role.
I came.
I see.
Bessonova, Genia, and what about our geography? Why should I listen to Tamara Petrovna complaints about your unavailability.
I was just not ready, – my mother stood, running toes on the floor.
Not ready.
This is a deuce.
And what will we do? – I asked strictly.
I do not know.
Probably calling parents to school, I said sternly.
Oh, no, just not the parents, mother

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Your suggestion.
My suggestion is – my mother came up to me and turned backwards, bent down and pulled up the hem of the dress.
She was wearing white cotton underwear.
Bessonova, I said evil.
Yes, Alexander Andreevich.
What is it? What are you doing? This is my ass, Alexander Andreevich.
I want you to touch it.
Mom pushed aside.
the edge of the fabric and spread her legs wide.
Bessonova, you have an anus like a young girl.
He is so innocent, light brown.
Yes, Alexander Andreevich.
So you want to say that you did not fuck in the ass? Fucked, – mom humbly modestly, – twice, but I did not like it.
I would like you to try.
Do you think you will like it now? Yes.
Take off, – I said imperiously.
Mom slowly took off her panties, sticking her back out to meet me, presenting my really untouched and some kind of childish anus, perfectly smooth and innocent.
I took my mother by the hips and pulled her close, and then began to lick her anus.
I did it slowly with pleasure.
Now the hole slowly began to give in and the tip of the tongue slowly penetrated inside, pushing the muscle ring.
Take me, Alexander Andreevich, right there.
I got up and took out a hard member, put it to the anus and slowly began to press.
The head fell into the hot hole, the member entered completely.
I moved slowly so that my mother got used to his cock in her ass.
You are good, Bessonova.
You are the coolest guy who I met at our school.
I overclocked.
Now mom’s ass freely took my dick, he freely slid in her anus.
Mom was breathing heavily.
You know, Alexander Andreevich, I like it.
The first time I really like it.
I’m glad, Bessonova.
I turned my mom to put her hands on the sofa.
The picture was gorgeous.
Mom stood in the living room in school uniform, on heels, in golf, with bows, and I ruthlessly tore her in the ass. Nude webcam moms.

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