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Just somehow, he suddenly felt that the nipple had hardened in his lips and heard his daughter’s intermittent breathing.
– Dad, what are you doing? She asked quietly, instinctively covering her breasts with her hand in a choppy voice and putting it into the neckline of the nightie.
Realizing that he had nothing to lose – there was no way back, he replied: – I caress you.

Can’t a father caress his daughter? “But why at night, when I secretly come to my bedroom when my mother is not at home?” – I could not sleep.
I thought about you and decided why I should not go and caress my daughter, whom I love very much.
“But you don’t just caress me dad.”
You’re not stroking my head like a little girl.
You caress my chest and not just caress – you try to excite me.
– Do not you like my affection.
Isn’t it nice to feel like an adult woman? – I like it.
But you are my father.
This is not right, this is not good.
This should not be.
– Why? I love you, I like your body, I like to caress it.
You like it too.
What’s bad about it? – Yes.
But you caress me not as a father, but as a lover.
Usually other things follow this.
– Which things? – Well, what are you pretending.
You yourself know very well.
After such caresses, people enter into an intimate relationship.
And we can not do that.
This is incest.
And what will mom say? – Are you going to tell her everything? – Of course not.
Still, it’s not right.
He leaned over her face and whispered to her daughter in her ear: “But you liked what I did.”
Is not it? – Yes.
You are cleverly caressing.
Nobody so caressed me.
You excite me.
But I can not enter into an intimate relationship with you.
You are my father.
– I am a man and now I see in you not my daughter, but a beautiful young girl whose body drives me crazy, and which I want to possess.
– He continued to whisper in her ear, lips tugging at the earlobe.

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– Dad, what are you? What are you saying! – the daughter was indignant, as if not noticing his caresses.
– It’s true.
I love you not as a father, but as a man.
Give me a hug.
Their conversation was interrupted, because the daughter could not find something to say.
She hugged her father by the neck and froze, feeling his hot, exciting breath in his ear.
Father’s words impressed her and at the same time flattered her ego.
Both fell silent.
The father continued to tickle his daughter’s earlobe with lips, guiding the tip of her tongue along the auricle, while her daughter tried to cope

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with the feelings and desires that gripped her.
One by one pictures flashed in her brain when her father was washing her in the bathroom, putting her to bed, her secret desires for affection and unexploredness.
And she did not know what to say to her father.
It was wrong, it was wild and at the same time his caress was so pleasant, so exciting and it wasn’t she who dreamed of it, spending sleepless nights.
Father was the first to break the silence.
– Good.
We will not enter into an intimate relationship with you if you do not want this.
But let me caress your beautiful body as before.
Let it be your father though.
The daughter lay silent for several minutes trying to cope with her breath.
The caresses of her father and this conversation aroused her, and she made attempts to cope with her desires and politely refuse her father.
She almost coped with herself when her father, breaking the lingering silence, ran the tip of her tongue over her ear.
This insignificant, it seemed, movement and was the last straw breaking through the modesty dam.
A slightly noticeable wave of tremor ran through her body, and instead of refusing, she said: “All right, Dad.”
Of course you can caress me.
After all, you’re my father, and I am your obedient daughter.
She threw back her hand behind her back and closed her eyes.
The father again, only this time with her tacit consent, exposed both her daughter’s breasts and began to greedily caress them by dropping to her nipples with her hungry lips.
She remained lying on her side, facing her father with her leg tucked up to her belly.
After the words of agreement, as if something broke in her chest, some kind of barrier broke through, and she suddenly ceased to be ashamed.
All thoughts of the wrongness of what is happening, incest and other nonsense flew out of her head.
By the edge of her consciousness, she understood that her father was kneeling by the bed, that now he would caress her and it is not known how this will end.
But this somehow didn’t worry her very much.
For the first time in her life a real man will caress her.
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