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He went to the sofa and threw two pillows from him: – It is under your knees so that you and you are softer (he nodded in the direction of the Parents Petrovs).
The director took off his jacket, boots, trousers and pants and, in one t-shirt, sat down in a chair.
MarIvanna, throwing one

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of the pillows on the floor, kneeled on her and fell to his penis with her mouth.

The director threw his head back in bliss.
Sarah went up to Petrov – dad and said: – Undress me.
He took off her business suit, blouse, shoes and pants, leaving in stockings.
She sat in a chair and shamelessly spread her hips.
SanSanych stripped naked so that nothing restricts his movement.
He threw a pillow on the floor and settled between the thighs of the teacher.
She groaned in anticipation.
Armchairs stood opposite each other.
Director with teacher exchanged views: – How does she suck? Worthy? – Mmmm! Oh yeah! Does he cope better than me? – I do not even know.
Oh! My clit! What is he doing with him ?! Aaaaa !!! MarIvanna forced the director to cum in her mouth, he gladly pressed the head of the woman to his groin and complied with her request.

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Then Petrova – mother asked Seryozha (as she called him now) to undress her and take her on the table.
Undressing her, Sergey Sergeyevich managed to get aroused.
The legs of Petrova-mom lay on the shoulders of the director, she herself was laying on the table, and the ESE (so tenderly called the school leader) was staring at her like a guilty schoolgirl.
The second pair did not waste time either.
Sarah was already on the carpet with cancer, and the second CSE (SanSanych) was happy to ram her from behind.
After some time, the partners rested, sipping cognac with chocolate candies.
Suddenly, there was another knock at the door.
The director made a sign not to worry, and let in two more teachers – men and two teachers.
One of those who entered immediately asked: – E # are you? What the fuck do you have next to Sarah? – Shame on you! This is the highly respected mother of our best students Petrov.
– And what is this fucking our Sarah boobs strokes? – Ugh! A shame! This is the best of fathers, Petrov is the father.
We have his children learn, Petrov – a son, another Petrov – a son.
That’s it.
Petrov is the father, Petrov is the son, still Petrov is the son.
Only Petrov – we have no holy spirit.
“Can we have them too?” Mother and father? – What does it mean, and father? He is not for you.
He has a normal orientation.
– Well, I mean: the three of them will please the father, and we are the mother.
– Let’s ask them.
– Not.
Let’s not ask them.
With these words, the men grabbed MarIvannu, flushed from brandy and sex, and carried her to the carpet.
The woman screamed, but the men were stronger. Pornhub live sex cams.

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