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And, at the end of the ensemble, Darren managed to find a pair of pink sneakers, about the size of David.
– It is surprising that only you will not find in the women’s box of forgotten things! – exclaimed Darren, when his friend praised for the choice.
– Now change your clothes.

QUICKLY! – Tony ordered frightened David.
– Nooo.
Please do not.
– begged David.
From an unexpected slap in the face of David, tears came to his eyes.
“You squeak, and we will vividly beat the shit out of you,” Darren spat out, “and now put on your sports uniform that I found you to be, ungrateful bastard.”
David, realizing that he had no choice but to do what they said, took off his clothes, down to his underpants and raised his sports skirt.
“That too,” Tony pointed to the underpants.
Cowards were filmed by the looks of two older guys.
David, already completely naked, began to transform into a little schoolgirl.
First, wearing a sports skirt that tightly fitted his ass and dick.
Then he suffered with a bra for several seconds, until Tony finally showed how to wear it.
Then he pulled on a sporty top and sat down to pull on socks and girly sneakers.
– In conclusion.
A bit of glamor.
He pulled out a pair of gold clips and, with Tony, attached David to his ears.
Then, finally, Darren pulled out a bright red lipstick.
He held it out to Tony while he rudely held his head to David.
Tony gently smeared lipstick on David’s full lips, his face just inches from his victim when he finished his masterpiece.
– Now, you’re so pretty! – shone Tony and pressed his lips to David’s puffy lips.
He kissed them for a few seconds while Darren kept the schoolboy trying to turn his head away in disgust.
– Mmmm.
– Tony smacked his lips when he finally came off.
“All right, let’s go,” he said, wiping lipstick from his lips with the back of his hand, pushing David to the door.

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Before leaving the room, David looked at his reflection in the mirror in full growth.
He really looked like a girl; he acknowledged it with horror.
They accompanied him as guards, in case he did not run away.
David stepped out into the summer sun.
As they walked around the corner of the building, they encountered the rest of the students, who were warming up with exercises under Ashley’s guidance.
All of them immediately burst into uncontrollable laughter at the sight of an eighteen-year-old boy, ridiculously dressed in the sporty dress of a girl, with a pair of earrings and bright red lipstick.
Several pointed at David, doubling it to an already ridiculous sight.
David began to cry again, but his classmates laughed even more, looking at David’s humiliation.
Some of the guys felt what it would have been like, but still they would never recognize him as their friend.
The class that was still laughing was sent to the treadmill, which was on the perimeter of the school grounds and around a large sports ground, in which there were several football and hockey rinks.
(I mean grass hockey) David was forced to join them, following a few boys who gave funny comments all the way.
David felt the wind between his legs and strange strange sensations from the skirt.
In addition, the hard black bra, which he wore, he, by the way, was clearly visible through the female topic, constantly reminded of his female appearance.
Every time he breathed in, he felt his straps prevent his chest from expanding.
As he approached the corner of David’s field, David’s sense of humiliation multiplied.
He approached the hockey field, where girls played the same year as he.
One of the girls noticed David running toward them.
She excitedly called out to others, and pretty soon all the girls of his year stopped their play, laughed and clapped.
Worse, one of the boys who ran after David pushed him hard as they ran through the dirtiest part of the

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David lost his balance and fell face down into sticky dirt.
The girls laughed even more while David slowly got up and tried to wipe off the dirt stained topic.
His legs, skirt and all before was in the mud.
The mixture of lipstick and dirt on the face was a terrible picture.
Deciding that he should not run to the end, he returned to the locker room, where Tony, Darren and Ashley laughed at him.
They dragged him into the shower, which was near and told him to sit there.
David, still dressed in his clothes, collapsed on the tiled floor and sobbed with hearts, his face buried in his hands.
How can they be so cruel? What did he do to them? Ten minutes later, Tony raised his head to David.
“We’ve prepared a way to clean you up, in which the whole class can help,” explained Tony. Russian webcam trans.

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