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He flinched in time with the pulse.
“Sorry,” I mumbled.
– Everything turned out somehow by itself.

I did not want.
Wanted, wanted! I knew how I wanted it! Not in fantasy, but here, now, in real life.
How embarrassing I was! And how happy I was:! Trikel took a step forward and sat down beside him.
His big eyes were very close.
I expected to see in them confusion, surprise, maybe insult or even disgust, but they were only warm and understanding.
I suddenly felt: No, it had nothing to do with sexual desires.
I just felt that I was good with this guy: Subjecting to some kind of impulse, I abruptly pulled the synthesizer off me.
I will last two or three minutes.
The main thing is not to breathe.
Trikel recoiled.
He obviously did not expect anything of the kind from me.
Surprise and fear were reflected in his eyes.
And a little curiosity – he finally saw my face without distortion.
But there was no time to think.
With both hands, I clasped his head and pulled him to me.
My lips touched his lips: Trikel’s lips were rough, weathered.
They had a metallic taste, not otherwise, the taste of cadmium, which so generously covered the planet.
And at the same time they were soft, elastic, pliable.
And slightly parted in response to my kiss: And then Trikel moved away from me, grabbed an oxygen synthesizer and quickly pulled him back on my face.
Buttoned up sealers: My head was splitting.
It can be seen, I still breathed a little local atmosphere.
Some poisons had time to leak through the skin.
And cadmium from the guy’s lips: Now, only to the hospital: Through the painful haze in my eyes, I watched Trikel break up into a huge amount of green peas. Sex and the city season 4 online free.

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