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So: wife’s massage; her orgasm from the massage (it was something!); naked masturbating friend of his wife; the wife

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ends (second time) at the hands of a massage therapist, who has stuck two fingers into her pussy; caressing the masseur and the best friend of his wife; blowjob to a masseuse from the best friend of his wife; sex therapist with my wife; My wife’s sex with her best friend (cums for the third time)!
Missed nothing? Yes, I kind of remembered everything.
You bet, I was a witness to everything, and what is there, an accomplice.

This is all Tanka, the very best friend of my wife, turned, and although she says that much did not go according to her plan, I am sure that on such a scale everything was intended by her.
In her spirit.
Something I lost.
Oh yeah, my family life has changed drastically, and this required explanations, and you can only give them in brief, VERY briefly remember that evening in the cabin.
It was from this evening that Tatyana, that is my wife’s best friend, entered my family life.
Actually, she was in our life with my wife, the status was just added a new one.

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Tanya, of course, did not become my second wife, no, but my wife bought herself another husband.
Well, what other word to choose? Let’s all be different.
Wife and Tatiana, have become lovers or mistresses? This is not the first time I’ve been trying to pick up definitions and am confused every time.
But it seems to me that it is the situation that most correctly covers the situation – my wife has another husband.
Only this “husband” has boobs, pussy, stunned figure, and a completely reckless head on his shoulders.
I put such an emphasis on the reasons that in the relationship between his wife and Tatiana, the latter clearly dominates.
Eh, it seems, I run forward again.
Okay, now fix it.
That sign evening, we took Tatyana home, and we ourselves went to our place.
All night I fucked my wife, and could not stop at all, after I finished, pictures came out of my office before my eyes and went on a new run.
I can safely say that I have not experienced such arousal since my youth, when a member did not know what a state of rest was.
My missus tried to match my attacking mood, but it was quite obvious that she was powerless.
I then asked if everything was alright with her.
I remember, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and complained about busting a steam room, you know, they say, how my temperature affects me.
Of course, I regretted her then, poor thing, why are you so with you, you know about the consequences, and you dabbled in the steam room.
You go to the sun, I’ll manage myself.
Well, spit it as I wanted.
She did not resist, even though it was obvious that she was holding her last.
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