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It was noticeable that he was very shy.
Before bathing, all children are supposed to go off in a small way, ”said Kole Larissa, placing an enamel pot for children at his feet.
Kohl blushed deeply.

Well, are you two standing? – Larisa raised her voice, – Forgot how to write? Kirill sighed heavily and threw a thin stream into the pot in front of him.
That’s better, – Larisa smiled and turned to Kolya, – What are you waiting for? Also write in your pot.
Larissa squatted next to Kolya and raised her fingers to a thin children’s pussy.
Letter-letter-letter, – began tenderly to sentence the nurse, – Let’s pee in the pot.
You will persuade him for another half hour so, ”Sveta remarked.
What are you doing with the boy so the ceremony? – Olga said irritably, – I would put him on the changing table and make him write like a little one. Sex live gif.

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