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into an orgasm, began to end violently.
Cum splashed into Elena’s face, splashing glasses, hair, lips.
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From the rush of buzz, I sat down with all my strength, swallowing the hand of my boss and she disappeared inside me to the elbow.
I was shaking so that it seemed to connect a high voltage to me.
I collapsed on the couch.
No forces left.
I could not even stir.
The pain in the pope was hellish, the whole body ached.
Suddenly, I felt Lena start to pull her hand out of my priests.
The pain intensified many times.
I screamed loudly.
Feeling like a hand jumped out, I suddenly felt a fabulous sensation of speeding pain.
It seemed to me that I even re-finished and began to fall asleep.
My last visions were that Elena took in my mouth and sucked my head very hard.
I came to myself.
The whole body hurts.
Forces almost there.
I turn my head.
– Well, that honey, came to his senses.
Then we continue.
Elena was standing not far from me, and while I lost consciousness, I did not lose time for nothing.
She engaged in the processing of working papers.
I looked down below.
Wow! She has already been fastened an artificial member of impressive size.

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Realizing that I would be raped to the fullest today, I relaxed, letting sleep overwhelm me.
Autumn 1999 was very rainy, behind the glass of the car, people walk in gray mass, merging into one continuous stream.
My autumn mood is diluted by music from the car radio and jokes that sitting in the front seat next to me are poisoning my chef.
I have been working as a driver for him for 5 years now and during this time his business has not risen well.
The job is not dusty and pays well, for me a bachelor in my 33 years is enough.
Time 8.
00, we stand at the house, waiting for Lena.
Elena Andreevna – an accountant in the company of my boss, not long ago she went on vacation, but the boss urgently needed some kind of paper and therefore she was called to work, and that would be faster, we decided to call her.
Before she came, we started a dialogue with the boss about her: Listen, Vova, you will be knocking out soon, 34, and you’re all alone, how is that? Yes, everything as I can not find the one, stupidly smiling answer.
The only one! – The chief laughed, – All women are the same, chest, ass, cunt, two hands and two legs, that’s all the woman.
Vaughn, even Lenka to take, a woman is not a fool, pretty, I see how at work men are staring.
If it were not for my wife, I would have beaten it myself.
I smiled again, stupidly.
Lena was really beautiful.
She is 32, a brown-haired woman with shoulder-length hair a little lower than me, a cute face, slender legs, an ass, a breast of a second size, neat, always watching herself.
At work, we communicate with her as good friends.
Many men run and run after her, but nothing comes of them, and all because she has a daughter – Tanya, fourteen years old.
According to the stories of the mother, stare at the head, straightforward, it says everything as it is, stubborn, it cannot stand other men.
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