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And most importantly – will not be from the category of those who are looking for only their own benefit in sex or are ready to satisfy the desires of any first comer.
Stasik just waved away – they say, what is your concern? Do not drift, Valery: here I am with you, “touch” met, without any outside help? – means, and with another somehow I will be able to find the necessary contact! In the meantime, I looked after one “young fighter” from the second platoon – in the barracks we were almost neighbors with him.
Yes, and in the behavior of his sometimes there were some “strangeness”.

This guy, Yaroslav, is a bright and tall Belarusian, well-groomed and smiling tacitly, didn’t let Stas and I out of sight and always, as if by chance, turned up close when nobody else was around – I wanted to tell us something , but so that no one else from his colleagues can hear this.
We, who were busy only with each other, didn’t really notice his “persecution”, mysterious half-hints and persistent views – until I accidentally paid attention to this “spy” Slawka (I began to call him that to myself).
Then I decided to go for broke: oh, was – was not !.

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Once, coming out of the smoking room, where many young people were pushing after dinner (Yaroslav among them), I slyly winked at him with one eye and withdrew a nod to the side, offered to come to the tower tomorrow morning – just to give voluntary help: they say , the two of us can not cope before the deadline.
Only with one condition: do not filonit! “But not this,” I added as strictly as possible, “we’ll find one another for our assistants: anybody will agree to such a dusty job.”
To the dumb question of Yaroslav: how can this be settled with the squad leader Shostak? – I, without blinking, firmly promised: I will agree with him about everything myself – it would be only your consent

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and desire, Yaroslav! With barely hidden pleasure, he accepted my offer, without forcing him to beg for a long time.
(And why should I have “persuaded” the always gloomy sergeant Shostak – the same “grandfather” as I did – and explaining to him the need for a second assistant – I think, needlessly decipher: we locked up with a curtain after the last thing in the capter “Russian” – and soon he was ready to “give” me not only one fighter, but also his entire squad into the bargain: “Valka !! You need an assistant, fucking? Do you want – take any fighter, just don’t forget to return it safe and sound – he also should serve the Motherland !.
“Is Yaroslav the fighter or anyone else – does it matter?).
And when the next day on the path leading to the tower, this slender, strongly built Belarusian fighter appeared, confidently heading in our direction, we looked at each other with Stas. Sex online phim.

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