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Passing into the kitchen, my little doves sat next to each other, and I was against them, and we sat and talked about this and that until we drank all the tea.

Katya told Arthur that she was twenty-four years old, that they had been dating for a long time and asked for permission.

– Mom, Arthur can spend the night with us.
– Cate, I do not mind.
I smiled.
Katka, too, smiled.
– So I will run back wee-wee.
Kate said and ran to the toilet.
I got up and wanted to go wash the cups as Arthur pressed me to the wall with his body and said.
– Once again, hello Oksana Vladimirovna, or how you are called Oksanka at our work, Oksanka Chupa Chups.
You can’t tell why.
“I won’t tell Arthur, you already know.”
– Of course I know, I heard a lot and chupa chups is not from what you eat them.
He smiled.
– Don’t tell my daughter that we are familiar.
– Yes, we are not familiar so closely, I was not in your bed, like the others, so that there are others, only you were not lazy in your bed.
– And you mean lazy.
– And you do not catch me with the word, I am a new person in the team; I can only make plans.
And then I felt like his hand was between my legs and pushing the robe aside.

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– And the truth is not lying.
“They don’t lie, Arthur.”
Arthur looked at my black transparent panties and stockings.
– Do not lie that you are always in stockings and beautiful underwear.
– Yes, this is my passion, you can say a female fetish, and in general a woman should look beautiful and dress.
– I don’t argue for that and love you, and as I see it, my daughter has instilled a love for beautiful clothes, well done.
Pushing his robe back, his hand touched my panties and slightly twitched there.
– Arthur is not necessary please not here.
Then the door creaked and Katya came out of the closet.
“What have you got here?” “But why not, Arthur just gives me cups.
– AAA, clear mom, well, then we will go to my room.
– Go, go.
I said and began to wash the dishes.
After washing the dishes and watching TV in my room, I dozed off.
I woke up from the fact that someone hit the wall, I listened, but behind the wall it was quiet, but I undressed and lay naked on the bed as I heard groans and the creak of the bed.
I realized that my Katenka spread her legs in front of Arthur and it was clear from the groans that oh, how

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good she was.
My daughter’s moans made me very excited. My nipples were swollen, and my pubic ache sweetly.
I got out of bed, took out a pink vibrator from the locker and lay down in the crib, bent my legs at the knees and parted them.
I put a condom on the vibrator and I licked it, ran the tongue over it and slowly inserted it into my pussy, then took it out and inserted it again and turned on the vibrator.
He vibrated in me bringing me pleasure, and I began to slowly suvat it into myself and stick it out, after a couple of minutes I groaned softly.
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