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Vasek busily lifted my skirt and lowered the pants to his knees.
His excited cock rubbed on my labia.
I felt something drop from above just above the anus and flowed down.

Fingers Vasek smeared saliva on my crack.
He squatted down and spat straight into the hole.
Then he grinned.
-Wide legs put her! Yeah.
And now wide open the pussy.
– The guys have fulfilled.
-Oh, how painful! – I cried.
This Vasek released a click on the clitoris.
The boys unanimously blinked.
Click! Again.
Freak liked it.
Click! Click! Then his fingers took up the anus.
Once again spitting on him, he tried to insert a finger.
I squeezed my ass as best I could, but Vasek spat again and thrust the same finger into my anus.
He moved them.
– Cool, boys! Maybe not to break her hymen, just fuck in the ass? And what an idea! – He pulled out a finger and began to be attached to the hole member.
From horror, I screamed that I had the strength, for which I immediately received a tangible poke in the ribs.
A member tried to enter, but my anus was very narrow and Vaska did not succeed.
I felt the head breaking through my anus, I felt hands spreading my loaves wide apart.
-Bl, narrowly, it is necessary to expand.
Micah, did you finish your beer? Give me a bottle! – Vasek put his neck to my anus and pressed hard.
Hole, unable to withstand the pressure, with a treacherous champing let in a foreign object.
Vasek gave a triumphant cry and moved the bottle deeper.
The neck began to expand.
I almost fainted from the pain.
Vasek eased the pressure, gave a little back.
Then forward again, but deeper.
Then another.
He pressed and began to hold, stretching the anus

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Meanwhile, I ran my other hand between my legs and began to pull at my pussy, playing with my hair.
He pulled out the bottle, put in again.
Now she went much easier.
He pushed deeper.
– Guys, take off her panties altogether.

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I want a souvenir for memory.
– I moved my legs without removing the bottle, and pulled off my underwear.
Then he lit up again.
The headboard crashed into my stomach.
Unable to endure, I begged them to let me go.
Instead, Vasek started to fuck my ass with a bottle, occasionally spitting for lubrication.
– And her ass is awesome chomping when I pull out the bottle abruptly.
Here, listen! – And friendly laughter.
Humming contentedly, he dropped the bottle.
Spat again, hitting exactly in the anus.
-See, darling! – said Vasek and put the head to my anus.
This time he almost met no resistance.
The head plunged into me, the sphincter passed, and it closed behind it.
Vasek puffed with pleasure.
“Dimon, are you filming?” Do not stop, the first time a woman in the ass fuck! Take a bigger as cock comes! – Dimon began to shoot close-up member, a member of me.
He crawled slowly.
He seemed ready to tear me apart.
And so I felt the eggs of the male touched my pubic hair.
The member slowly crawled back.
Almost out.
And he began to dive again.
It was very painful.
I opened my mouth and tried to breathe deeply, but Roma immediately took advantage of this.
He turned my head to himself, with a quick movement pulled the member out of the workout and put it on my cheek.
He took it out and put it in again.
I did not resist.
Roma was so excited that literally after a couple of movements he began to stop.
At the same time, he firmly grabbed my head so that I would not break free.
His sperm was salty.
He squeezed my mouth and hissed in my ear – Just try to spit it out! “I swallowed his seed and he made me open my mouth to make sure I swallowed everything.”
– Shuher, boys, diskach ended, right now, all of the buildings will scatter! Valim! – fussed Dimon.
The grip loosened.
Vasek angrily drove a member into me.
– Lucky you, bitch! – pulled out a member and began to zip up his pants.
Exhausted, I slid to the floor.
Vasek bent down and roughly grabbed the vagina.
– Come on, the whole camp will watch the video.
Yes that camp, the Internet even more.
And you are good! – and patted me on the cheek.
The boys quickly straightened the bed up to bed and, waving goodbye to me with my panties, left through the window.
And I crawled to the bed and without undressing fell on her.
Forces were only enough to cover the sheet with the head.
And this is the first of the stories about Mowgli)))
– Mmmm, yes, come on, suck Irochka was kneeling in the middle of an empty dim audience and greedily sucked on my prick, looking into my eyes.
The characteristic smacking sounds drowned out only the beats of my heart, which pounded furiously with excitement.
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