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They brought to the machine.
The cow spread her legs.
Clamps on the legs.

Lay on the machine.
Udder sagged into the hole.
Hands along the body and clamps again.
The cow was ready for milking and mating.
Masha put two chairs and a bucket.
Have you milked your cows before? She asked.
Yes of course.
Masha smeared cow udders.
Began to milk her.
Irina flowed.
She adored milking.
For the past year, as it is milked.
But the thoughts of the woman were far away.
She thought about Igor.
Two days he and Olesya will spend with Olga.
How is the family.
And she, as an animal, is given to another.
What a humiliation.
Who came up with this idea? Milk flowed into a bucket.
Irina began milking Victor.
The woman looked into his eyes.
Two days she will belong to him.
What will happen to her? Irina was scared.
a cow? – asked Masha every day.
Yes of course.
The girl brought a condom from the table.
Irina sighed.
Olga still took care of her.
Soon, Victor took it.
Tightening her skirt and lowering her panties.
Irina moaned and flowed.
How many times will he take it? How? Will he rape her? The woman was scared, but still she was interested.
Two days in the role of a pet in a stranger.
Irina flowed.
Soon it covered a powerful orgasm.
Masha stopped milking her.
I liked how she ends – grinned Victor.
This cow almost always ends up milking, Masha confirmed.
Irina was breathing heavily.
My heart pounded.
Yes, she is a cow that ends up milking.
Irina loved to milk.
Now for a visit? – asked Masha.
Yes, yes – confirmed Victor.
What inspection? Irina was released from the machine.
The woman pulled on her panties and lowered her skirt.
Victor picked up the leash again.
They left the office.
Entered the other.
Irina groaned.
It was a gynecological office.
Table, couch, gynecological chair.
The gynecologist Anastasia was sitting at the table.
Masha introduced her to Victor, told to inspect the cow and left.

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Anastasia rose from the table.
Have you been present at the gynecological examination before? The woman asked.
No, for the first time.
But always wanted – smiled Victor.
Now you will see everything on the example of your cow.
Irina groaned.
Anastasia, after all, knew whose she is a cow.
Wanted to make nice to Victor? Or just humiliate those who now own Irina.
Take off your

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skirt, panties and a chair – the doctor ordered.
Irina complied.
How humiliating to exhibit their most intimate places in front of a stranger.
The woman flowed.
However, Victor has already paired it.
His dick was already in it.
Wear gloves – said Anastasia.
Placing two chairs, they sat down in front of Irina with Victor.
The woman closed her eyes.
How is Igor? Olesya, Olga? “Family”.
They will be threesome for two days.
And she is an animal.
Which is given to another.
Someone else to her man.
And take away only tomorrow.
Irina was inserted into the vagina mirror, took strokes.
Anastasia told everything in detail.
Irina flowed.
Toy for inspection.
Victor finds out what many men don’t know from her example.
Anastasia got a mirror from Irina.
Began to conduct two-handed vaginal examination.
Then Victor began to do it.
Irina groaned.
Another’s fingers were in it.
She studied as a guide.
How humiliating it is.
Irina measured the temperature by introducing a thermometer into her ass.
Everything is normal – Anastasia summed up – your cow is completely healthy.
Irina smiled.
She regularly underwent a gynecological examination.
Will you mate a cow anally? – Anastasia asked.
Irina looked into Victor’s eyes.
Yes, of course – he answered.
I recommend to make her an enema.
I agree.
Irina bit her lip.
Another humiliation.
The woman got off the chair.
Lay on the side of the couch.
Anastasia put a rack next to a rubber cup.
Smeared her hole, entered the tip.
Will you open the tap? – asked the woman of Victor.
With pleasure.
The man opened the faucet.
Irina groaned.
Felt how warm water began to flow into it.
With her do what they want.
She is a cow.
She is an animal.
Toy alien man.
Two days she will be his.
What else is waiting for her? What fantasies lie in his head? Irina was scared.
And her real owners are far away.
They are together.
Two days.
Irina felt filled.
She rarely did an enema, but she was excited by this process.
The process of filling.
The woman flowed.
Water stopped flowing.
Victor pulled the tip.
In the corner behind the curtain was a toilet.
The woman sat on him.
Water gushed out of it.
The cow was ready for anal mating.
Anastasia said goodbye to Victor.
Taking the hand skirt and panties, Irina strayed on a leash behind a man.
They came to the head doctor’s office.
Get dressed – ordered Victor.
Irina began to wear panties. Sex wars online.

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