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He groaned, but he immediately came to his senses, spoke.
– We were in the ring, we were surrounded like a beast.
Do you know how old uncles come to the forest to relax? While they eat, the huntsman prepares the beast.

So that uncles, God forbid, do not miss and do not get tired.
Everything is predetermined: the fact that the beast will be killed, and that bush where it is destined to fall, the beast is like a lamb to the slaughter.
Well, so and us.
He fell silent again.
The ground swung and there was no snow.
The yellow firmament went on him, having broken from the very supports on which he had held for centuries.
And he fell, he fell, he fell – with all the weight, with the whole community, with all the infinity, with the inevitability of him, the insignificant, the petty, the doomed.
– Mother has always been not that a believer, but.
and maybe a believer.
Not like in your books: I did not read prayers before a meal, did not beat bows at night, but went to church at Christmas.
At Easter the eggs are luminaries.
Put a candle.
And I strove to drag everyone to church.

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kicked out.
Who will see, then at school shame you will not be gathered.
Older was – no longer dragged, and she did not insist.
And then.
When they took the army, I myself, that I would go to Afgan, only six months later I found out, and she felt it.
Or maybe she was just afraid, and just in case.
And she begged me to go to church.

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I would not go.
But it was bad with her.
I ran for an ambulance at night.
Well, in the morning I thought, God forbid, he would die as soon as I left, went, did not bother her unnecessarily.
I do not even know what she did there in church.
Although what to do there? She put a candle and whispered, asked about her.
But I only looked around, if there were any acquaintances, and she hung up my neck on her neck.
Well, from the neck, I, of course, took off the amulet.
But did not throw it away, after all, the mother requested.
Or why, I don’t know, I don’t want to lie, but I didn’t throw it away, put it in my pocket, then put it in my tunic, and so it was in my pocket and rubbed, I forgot about it completely.
And that morning I took out the cigarettes, look, what kind of cord? And in the pocket of the rifle, the palm woman fell into it, and the cord caught something.
I took it out and, in order not to lose, I hung it around my neck, then it was already a pity to throw it away, but not because the woman was, and so, nevertheless, my mother gave it at home.
I thought, after the battle I will hide.
Or zashyu pocket.
Well, here.
– Egor was silent again.
So many words, in his whole life, it seems, he did not say more, but he still did not explain anything.
What is there to explain? He clearly saw that moment when he took out an amulet, or rather fished it out, surprised by the find, from the hole, and thoughtlessly, as if with a strange hand and a strange will, put it on his neck.
– poisonous sand again burns the eyes, and the body becomes heavier from the robe and the heat, and the membranes from the hum hurt, and the vile fear of spoiling the soul.
He came to his senses when he saw Alena’s eyes full of horror, and spoke again, trying to carefully select the words: “In general, when the souls of the mortgaged to their Allah, I swore I don’t know: how?” why? where that thought could come to my head – I can’t imagine, I never thought of anything like that, maybe because I had the palm glass in my hands – I don’t know, but I swore that if I stay alive, I will go to the monastery, I will serve God . Sexy girl show on webcam.

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