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it was autumn outside the window – a cold rain was drumming through the window – caressing with its palm the resiliently warm and warm ass of D and M, Rasik thought that D and m a was the best and most intelligent, most gentle and most beautiful.
the most beloved and dear to him, for Rasik, the man in the world! But he, Rasim, out of his own ignorance, out of thoughtlessness almost missed his love — then, on the first night.
and all because someone somewhere once decided, prescribed, that you should consider good, and you should consider it bad.

General opinion.
what all this is garbage – compared to what he, who knew Rasim’s love, felt-felt! – Dim, tell me.

do you really love me? – breaking the silence, said quietly – whispered – Rasim, as if there might be some doubt about this.
– And you? – responded Dima.
more ridiculous question he, Dima, could not even imagine! – I? – Rasik laughed; He poked his lips in Dimkina cheek.
and immediately, moved by the feeling of the first young love, covered his lips with D and we with his lips – passionately and hotly he sucked the beloved D and m and into the lips.

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Was it not the answer? They kissed and talked, talked and kissed.
they whispered to each other all sorts of necessary and seemingly completely empty, completely unnecessary, but still very necessary words.
they laughed, fought, fooled around in the dark.
and kissed – kissed again.
elah-burns, how cool it was! Just before the ascent, they once again loved each other – first with their lips.
they loved each other’s lips at the same time – lying with a “jack”, they enthusiastically, with hot passion sucked one another the young hot pipis, gently caressed their lips in the invisibly red-hot juicy heads.
Then Rasik lay down on his stomach, and Dimka pressed into Rasim with his whole body – he sank into his beloved Rasik with a member, pubis, alive, and with a breast – kissing Rasim in the back of his head, Dimka finished Rasim in the ass.
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