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With tenderness she slid closer to him, pale, beautiful, tender, and so open and accessible, like all of them.
And Tauno was not the only one here.
The holiday always eventually turned into an orgy.

The figures and sparks that were circling all over the glade merged before his eyes in one flickering mass, only the moon maiden stood out clearly against the background of flickering light.
She floated in the air, hanging quite close to Tauno, leaning over him and realizing his desire.
Suddenly Tauno realized that he recognized her.
Kirtiana’s long-lost wife.
When Kirtian first called Luihad from heaven to earth, and was the first to find impotent, in return, Luihad took his wife.
Since then, no one has ever seen her, and now Tauno recognized her, who appeared this night of mid-summer as a moon maiden.

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Tauno decided that he had already come to terms with the disappearance. Laurelin once came here at all, but could he find her here? Find out in the moon maiden his wife, now most likely the former? Hanging in the air in front of Tauno, Laurelin began to slowly and smoothly pull off her dress.
Her movements were as gentle and gorgeous as her new look, they lured and seduced.
Remaining lying where he was, Tauno closely watched the exposure of the girl, catching her every movement.
Slowly and smoothly, she untied the ribbon of the dress, and the thin fabric began to crawl off her body.
Naked shoulders, then chest, and she did not wear a bra.
And then the dress fell to the ground under her feet, she easily sank down on the grass, proudly straightened, froze, letting her body examine.

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Laurelin looked absolutely stunningly beautiful: long thick hair covered with a greenish-green cloud covered her shoulders, surprisingly large even for the moon-maiden’s breasts with large pink neat nipples stood smoothly and without the support of the dress, the smooth tummy smoothly turned into a hairless pubis, beautiful long slim legs completed the picture.
With a dazzling smile, Laurelin arched her whole body, showing herself in all her glory.
And without waiting for the answer, which she already saw in the eyes of the man, she approached Tauno, laid down her pants, spread her leg, and sat down on top of him.
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