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The circumference of the nipples swelled, a little bit more and burst.
They looked at me imploringly.
I could not refuse them: having thrown Xenu on the table, I eagerly leaned towards them, caressing each one in turn.

Fully freed her from the attire, Xenu again appeared before me in absolute nudity.
While one hand continued to stimulate her pussy, stroking and feeling her, the other, I clasped her gorgeous breasts, holding (so as not to run away).

Xenya gently rested her palms on my shoulders, gently and lasciviously whispering: “Maybe you shouldn’t!” But I felt that the lust in her voice was more than objections.
Her heart beat very often: lust covered her head.
Continuing in the same repertoire, I bit her nipple.
Bitten to hurt, but the pain immediately gave way to a pleasant aftertaste.
Xenia groaned.
Her legs automatically spread wider.
Vagina asked, conjured me to go to him.
I sharpened my pants with a sharp movement and rescued the warrior.
I pulled her gum panty to the side.
It seems that for such refinements they were not conceived, since the gum had burst, revealing its sacral zone.

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At that moment, Xenia shook herself, allegedly wanted to protest, push me away.
I ran my fingers over her sexual lips – they opened like doors, inviting me to enter.
I squeezed her clit with two fingers and put them in the hole.
Xenia moaned, with a silent plea in her eyes.
Fingers returned to the original – on the territory of her unshaven pubis.
Small hairs stood on end from the upcoming adventure.
I again closed my jaws on her nipple and, spreading her labia toes with my fingers, with a sharp movement drove the stallion into the stall.
Xenia moaned plaintively.
Her fingers clenched in fists.
She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.
Grabbing her hips with both hands, I pulled her back.
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