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The guerrillas clearly outweighed some problem.
He wanted to bark, but the interlocutors, who had begun to gather, looked at each other and suddenly became serious.
– The girl is a girl, but they have almost a terabyte of video with them.

They took this away! In general, if you decide to satisfy a girl, it is better to do this before you look.
Come on, we will check the sky.
Seregin grabbed a backpack.
Both partisans, one by one, stopped in front of the girl, at which Semenov knocked Gleb

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on the shoulder: – Do not get carried away! – and joined in on his own.
– Tasty girl.
Once on the surface, he untied the backpack, and again launched up the radar.
This time the handheld squealed.
His screen was faded and did not show anything except the direction of approach of the drone relative to the operator – a good element base with the beginning of the war was lost.
But Seregin was enough.
In the backpack was a small pipe MANPADS.
Seregin, with ostentatious carelessness, fired in the right direction: four small jet rockets tandem jumped out of the barrel, turned on their engines, leveled off and rushed towards an invisible target.

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After a few seconds, they simultaneously exploded somewhere far away.
MANPADS was designed specifically to combat the UAV, the power of its missiles was not enough to bring down a serious target.
But for the drone was enough.
They didn’t even need to be shot down, it was enough to disable the fragile video equipment, interrupt the signal, and even minor damage was enough for the small aircraft to not return to the base.
Attempts by the enemy to make the aircraft radar invisible, maneuvering, reactive, armored did not make sense, because they made the drone expensive.
Attempts to encode a video signal or turn it on strictly above the target deprived the sense of intelligence.
DRLO airplanes fixed the work of the radar and the death of their drone, but to guarantee destruction.
the operator or what he was hiding from the drone was required to strike the area with an operational tactical missile.
For the same cruise missile there was not enough data.
And both options again proved to be expensive.
In general, the pre-war slogan that the future of unmanned aircraft was refuted by cheap means of air defense.
In the same place where the front was being formed, the ” mosquito radar ” was launched on the probes and hung on the front edge for a long time.
At a signal from Seregin, a dozen or two fighters at the same time emerged from the various cracks, all as one wearing cloaks with hoods, strange to the heels, that made them look like medieval monks.
Special fabric from thermal imagers, Seregin guessed, picked up the radar and headed for the underground passage back – it was more interesting for him. Teen lesbian webcam sex.

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