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And so she began to work her head along the entire length of my twenty-five centimeter penis.
First, she completely swallowed the penis, then completely released it and licked the prick, and then swallowed again, and so it went for two minutes – I was on the seventh heaven with pleasure.
But suddenly my cell phone rang.

If you only knew how I did not want to break away from this wonderful activity, but nevertheless answered by telephone, a serious deal was planned, I had to leave urgently.
I told Kristina about this, she was very upset.
But I could not leave without experiencing an orgasm, otherwise I would not have succeeded all day, so I got up, took out my penis from her mouth and began to jerk it right in front of her face.
Oddly enough, some time passed, but I could not finish, then she smiled and said.
“Give, I will try.”
She took my barrel in my hand, and wrapped her head in her lips and began to jerk off.
A few seconds passed, and I already spewed powerful streams of sperm in her throat.
I forgot to say that she always swallowed all the sperm to the drop.
So, she drank all that I let down in her mouth, and began to suck the head so that not a single drop remained in my underpants.
Christine hid my dick in pants and buttoned her fly.
Her work was first class done.
Hi, my name is Sasha. I am 19 years old. I am a slim, handsome guy with blue eyes, dark skin and pitch black hair, although I think that for a more accurate description I need to add that perhaps I’m too slim and handsome for a guy, but to fully describe the situation for the reader, I I must also add that I am not an ordinary young man today in my 19 years old I am rather a girl than a guy I wear women’s clothes, I have a chest of 2 nd size, I work as a model for some publishing houses (I earn money) while studying in parallel The University at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Biology has always been my favorite subjects at school, and the most important thing is already five months since we have been living with my beloved man.

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But I want to tell you not about what is happening today in my life, but about the incredible changes and wonderful metamorphoses that have happened to me

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for just any three years that turned me from a sixteen-year-old tenth-grader boy into a girl that I am today. for the sake of it should be noted that I was still not quite the average teenager guy because already at that time I really liked to change into women’s clothes I did it of course secretly and terribly embarrassed even before it it is, I said to myself that this is not correct, of course not, but I could not help it after a while I still remained when the house opened the cupboard and sisters immersed in a magical world.
But in order to give you a complete picture of myself, I certainly must tell you about my family and especially my mother who played a huge role in all the events that happened to me recently.
So, we had the usual average statistical unit of society by the standards of the union, the parents met and got married as students of the institute, they really studied in different faculties, the father was in engineering and the mother was in economics.
After both got their diplomas, the first offspring was born, namely my elder sister Yulia, and I was born with a break of four years.
After graduation, my father immediately began to work in his specialty, and my mother was on maternity leave with us and, in general, brought us up with Julia.
This is how our life went through, rewind to important events, and this is when I was about fifteen years old that year there were two big events: the divorce of parents and Yulkin’s wedding.
Well, the divorce was for a banal reason, the father just met another woman, and since Julia and I were already adults, there was no deterrent.
In general, the parents divorced but it should be noted that the mother suffered a divorce quite easily, apparently she herself was not happy with the family life that she had with her father. Teenager masturbate webcam.

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