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A few more days passed, my mother’s friends were to come soon, and I was going to topple for a walk.
Natasha, seeing that I was dressing, asked to go with me.
She quickly drove into the room and returned dressed in jeans and a tank top.

We went out into the street, and at first walked in silence.
“Kirill,” her sister broke the silence first.
– And you have a lot of girls? “No, not really,” I replied.
– Only two.
– And who is the first? I mentally pronounced.
– “Wow, and she quickly thinks, immediately included herself in this number.”
“We met at school.”
In the last class.
– She studied with you? – No, she is three years younger than me.
“But he is still very small,” said Natasha.
– Well, yes, the height is exactly small, but in

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terms of sex, it is ten years older.
– Yes? So what? You fucked her in the ass too? – now to the surprise added irony.
– Not just fucked, but only in the ass.
And I must say that she did not require another type of sex.
– Fooo, it’s so dirty.
– Nothing dirty, Nastya always prepared her before the meeting.
Washed, cleaned.
What are you so interested in? Just a couple of days, if not a girl, but already such questions? Natasha did not answer, but stood in front of me, clung to the body and passionately kissed.
– I want you, all worn out already.
I looked around.
It turned out that behind the conversations we left behind the village and stand opposite the field overgrown with high grass.
Having estimated that if you move away, and even more so over the hill, then we will not be seen at all in this grass.
Taking Natasha by the hand, I carried her away with me.
Moving away a hundred meters, I figured that we no longer consider the road.
My little sister, even without kissing properly, knelt down and unbuttoned my belt and fly.

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She removed my cock, which had already begun to swell, and sent it into her mouth.
Immediately this mouth began to work as a pump.
She sucked in my rod, her hot and wet tongue wrapped around and caressed the head.
Pleasure spread all over the body, so I was ready to pour out Natasha’s throat, but by switching attention, I pushed the girl away and sat down next to her.
I had to tinker a bit, taking off her jeans, then she helped me a little.
Sis lowered her knees to her pants and panties, and stood on all fours, her pussy glistened with abundant lubricant.
I did not force myself to wait long and without unnecessary words sent my trunk filled with force into its thirsting bowels.
Natka already groaned with pleasure and briskly pushed her body helping to push my dick as deeply as possible, in her pussy.
I grabbed her on the ass, with all my strength I hammered my fighter into her womb.
Our bodies were touching deafening claps, as if someone were applauding us.
And these sounds grew louder and more often, my growl and Natkin’s groaning were added to them.
I looked at the picture opening behind me, my cock, wet and slippery from the discharge, appears and disappears in her cave, and just above it with a black eye, looks at the opening of the anus.
It was relaxed, and if I stretched the halves of the priests to the sides, the hole became larger and even the inner walls of the sphincter were visible.
I think that if I had changed the place of the invasion, Natasha would not object and would continue to sit down with the same intensity.
After a minute, she strongly and often moaned, louder and louder, and soon she screamed without ceasing.
A little more and I pulled my cock.
My girl immediately turned around and clasped his lips.
I just had to finish.
This time Natasha did not spit it out, but she swallowed everything and even squeezed the remnants into her mouth.
When we finished, I helped her to get dressed, and we went on for a walk.
– Cyrus, you mentioned Nastya.
– Yes.
This is my ex-girlfriend, and what is it? – Can you introduce us? – I can, but I do not really want to meet with her.
There were all sorts of problems, but I will not talk about them.
Why do you want to meet her? – Well, there is one thing for her, her advice is very necessary.
– Well went to her.
Our village was very small and soon we were standing near Nastya’s apartment.
Reluctantly I called.
The door opened itself Nastya.
She was wearing a shirt tied over her bare chest and a short skirt, under which it was not guaranteed that there was underwear. Watch movies sex online.

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