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After a few seconds, she dropped them down to the heels and completely freed from clothing.
“Well, here I am naked! How do you like me?” She asked the cousin, standing in front of him backwards.
“Fine, beautiful.

“confusedly muttered the boy.
“Well, and so, in front?” , the girl turned 180 degrees, and the boy saw her already swelling chest, tummy and pussy at the bottom of it, I mean, the sex gap is still without hairs.
Vanya turned red and could not say more than a word.
“Now you, too, take off your clothes!” the girl told him.
Her cousin began to deliberately slowly unbutton her shirt buttons.
At that moment, aunt Marina collapsed into the waiting room, closed the door from the inside on the hook and quickly got rid of the robe, remaining in her bra and shorts.
“Quickly undress, Vanya, you see, we both are already naked,” she said, and unfastened the bra, freeing her big, big breasts.
Then the woman’s panties climbed down, exposing a white, round bottom and a dark mound between her legs.
Vanya, in the meantime, managed to take off only his shirt.
“I see, you need to help undress!” , said aunt and stretched out her arms toward her nephew.
“No, do not, I myself!” scared boy scared.
He quickly pulled down his upper pants and took off his shirt, but suddenly he stopped with his panties.
Then Masha went to her brother from behind and with a quick movement tore them down.

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The boy confusedly covered his bare pipisk with his hands.
“Well, what are you hiding there?” , asked Aunt Marina, forcibly removed Vanya’s hands from his crotch and took his cock with the scrotum in her palm.
“Well, what is there to hide — a pussy like any other boy’s,” she said, and then called her daughter: “On, Masha, touch!”.
She embarrassedly stalled, then the mother herself took her right hand and put the pisun and the boy’s scrotum into it.
“Touch, do not worry, you must know what the boys are!” , she said, and the girl began to gently knead cousin’s male pride.
Vanya felt his writing straining and becoming long and firm.
“Pull the fold of skin, bare the head!” , said Marina to her daughter, and she executed her order.
“Well, Masha, now you know how the pussy is arranged in boys.
Now let Vanya see your pussy! ”, Disposed of Marina.
“Doesn’t he see?” Masha was surprised.
“Not really! Spread the legs and stretch the sexual lips to the sides!”
The girl reluctantly followed her mother’s request.
“Well, Vanechka, you see, there are two holes for Masha – she’s peeking through one, and she needs the second one when she grows up and wants to have children,” Aunt Marina explained, then suggested: “Touch it, don’t be afraid!”.
Vanya hesitantly put his hand to her cousin’s crotch, the aunt shoved his fingers inside his daughter’s genital folds.
“Well, groped both holes?” She asked a boy in a few seconds.
“Aha!” , he admitted, all flushed with embarrassment.
“Great, now you both know how you work and how you differ from each other.
It means that you have nothing more to be ashamed of! ”, Summed up Aunt Marina, opened

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the door of the bath and led both children there.
From an unexpected change of air, Vanya had a spasm in her throat.
“Hot-rko,” he whispered.
“It only seems so at first, then it will be fine!” Marina reassured him. Web cam sex arab.

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