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Hurt by rubber bands, the instruments were waving inches from Rosochkin’s face.
She took them in hand, Pashino in the right, and mine in the left, and slowly began to play with them.
She licked them one by one, sucked, swallowed.

Just watching it was possible to finish: a charming young fragile creation processes two members at once.
How we managed to hold back – I do not know.
Especially when Rosa tried to put both members in her mouth at the same time.
When Rosa got tired, we put her on the bed on all fours, and I entered her wet, hot womb from behind, and Pasha began to cuddle her in the mouth.
The wave of an orgasm almost immediately engulfed the rose, which either weakened a little or absorbed it entirely.
In such cases, Rosa usually screamed, but now she couldn’t do that, because her mouth was busy with a member.
Pasha and I changed places and soon finished: I let Rosa down into her mouth (she swallowed everything), and Pasha sprinkled her back and buttocks abundantly.
I had a strange idea, and I immediately brought it to life: I collected Pasha’s palm with sperm from the priests and Rosa’s back and brought it to her mouth.
She eagerly licked everything.
I was so wound up that I kissed her passionately.
She smelled strongly of sperm, and her lips and cheeks were smeared with it, but that moment was all the same to me.
The three of us lay on the bed, rested for a while and decided to continue.
First, Rose, with her skillful mouth, brought our guns to combat readiness, and then saddled me. Webcam feet masturbation.

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