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You passed the test.
You can ask.
A lot of intimate questions spun in the language, but I decided to be consistent.

– Mom, you so about the pubis and did not answer.
Don’t shave, huh? – No, I do not shave.
Does it make you sad? – Well, how to tell you.
I wish I had the most beautiful mother.
– I’ll think about it – she promised, and now everything, turn off, it’s time to sleep.
All the next day I was thinking how to take advantage of the agreements reached.
I wanted to get as much as possible and at the same time immediately.
So without inventing anything, in the evening my mother and I sat down again at the company.
This time, she simply poked her finger at the links that interested her, and I obediently

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repeated it with the mouse.
“And you know,” she said after a while. “I did, after all, shaved.
Well, you understand where.
You can be proud of what an advanced mother you have.
Do you want to show? From such an offer my jaw dropped.
Will show? Is she in front of me taking off her pants? “Show me,” I croaked, not paying attention to the laughing imps leaping in her eyes.
She undid two buttons on her stomach and spread her robe to the side.
Then she slightly slid down the gum of the panties, showing the upper part of the pubis, completely naked, with black dots left over from the hairs.
– And lower? – I already understood how I was parted, but what I saw was more than enough.
– And below too.
Only then you have to believe the word.
She put the panties back and fastened the buttons.
However, I already stood a member, painfully resting on his pants restraining him.
Without my mother, in such cases I simply let him loose.
Now I limited myself to constantly correcting the restless, which, of course, was noticed by her.
– What have you got there? – She asked, seeing my torment.
I moved away from the table, showing her rearing pants.

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Having examined the wigwam towering in the groin, the mother touched it, checking the hardness of the supporting post.
Then he helped my friend out of the tight gum, clasping his palm.
We sat like that, she tried to hold me motionlessly, but I, on the contrary, fidgeted and swayed in every possible way.
Finally, she directly asked: – What, really want? – I want – I confirmed.
Mom’s hand went into motion.
I leaned back in my chair, leaving her to do everything at his discretion.
Mom quickly found the desired rhythm, being guided by my confused breathing.
At the first sign of ejaculation, she deftly covered her head with her hand, gathering a full palm of sperm.
– Satisfied? – Still would! – Well, well, and now sleep.
The next evening, sitting down by tradition in front of the computer, we again plunged into the specific jungles of the world wide web.
Today, mother stumbled upon outright porn in the full sense of the word.
There were negros with huge members, gangbang, and even scary to say – gay.
– Dim, you look! – She wondered – How does this fit into it? And this? Yes, they crush her! She is uncomfortable! – Mom, this is staged shooting – I explained.
– The main thing here is that the camera can be clearly seen, and inconvenient – this is how their work is.
I, having seen enough, decided to ask her about something else.
– Mom, tell me.
Have you ever done a blowjob? From such a question, the mother even turned red.
– You promised to answer honestly – I reminded.
– Dim, well, what kind of questions.
Why do you need to know that? – Interesting, mom.
I have never thought about you in this regard, but you probably have some kind of sexual life.
And more, mom.
if you didn’t say no at once, does it mean yes? Mom smiled.
– Let it be yes.
Did of course, what’s the big deal? I looked at my mother’s lips, trying to imagine them covering a thick member.
– BUT.
And when? “I don’t know why I needed to know this, but I wanted to know.”
– What “when”? Always did.
– No, mom, when is the last time? – That’s all you need to know.
– mama’s smile became sad.
– It has long been, with six months ago.
And maybe more.
No luck with my personal life.
– she sighed.
The next day I had to leave, return to my hostel.
I could not sleep.
Pictures of my actions with my mother constantly came to my mind.
From these vivid memories, I was excited.
There was an incessant erection, very powerful and annoying.
I got up from the sofa.
It was dark.
A spruce branch scratched my shoulder.
The glass toys knocked softly and swayed.
Stepping softly, I went to the bedroom door and carefully peeked into the room.
Father was sleeping on his side, facing the wall.
Mom snuggled close, her face buried in his back.
Feeling the chill in my chest, I quietly walked over to the bed. Webcam girls masturbation videos.

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