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She rose and sank down again, then again and again, gradually increasing the pace.
– I asked.

Does this happen to me in reality? She entered into a familiar and precise rhythm.
The bed creaked mercilessly beneath us, the mattresses howled, and the glass carafe on the nightstand did walk.
But we had nothing to stop and not to separate.
At that moment, her chest was right next to my lips, and I again wrapped my mouth around her, taking care to quickly caress her with the tip of my tongue.
A moan escaped from her chest, then another.
Before that, I had not seen a female orgasm with my own eyes.
and he was beautiful! The pace of her movements increased to an incredible frequency, she jumped on me, as if on a mustang-ambler.
Sweat broke out on her chest, and the room was filled with the sweetish scent of our sweat, but she did not notice it.
Yes, yes, dear, yes! She whispered.
I could feel her muscles squeezing inside there.
Her orgasms went one after another.
I was shaken.
From this, I almost sat down, but immediately fell back again.
As if a discharge of invisible electricity ran through the body.
I felt that what had been accumulating in me for so much time was finally breaking out! I finally found out what sex is! I was shaking and throwing up indescribable pleasure, she rolled her eyes and moaned loudly: Stop in me, my boy! I myself could no longer hold back, and the first hot streams of my sperm, along with unearthly pleasure, escaped from my body in order to immediately disappear into it.

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Is this not happiness? Is this not happiness! Probably everyone in life after the most severe and terrible upheavals must have a reward.
That night, I supposedly received a forgotten but long-awaited letter from the Heavenly Postman! Having experienced this only once, I felt everything until the last second, giving myself the word to never forget this night, until the end of my life, no matter what happens! We still had half an hour, and we lay exhausted over a wrinkled bed, naked and happy.
I kissed her, and she looked somewhere up and thought about something of her own, unknown to me.
Then I dozed off for a while, and she quietly got up, and the first pinkish rays of the pre-dawn sun lit her beautiful naked body.
Nefertiti, Theophano, Delilah – they all lived in one single woman, who had access to the unearthly secret of female charm, but who preferred to the queen of the world the modest role of Mary Magdalena.
She put on her dressing gown, quickly fastened it and left the ward, giving me a good smile at parting.
Her gentle look at this moment forever imprinted in my heart invisible photographic card.
And at the same time, the first realization

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came that I was a man! That same morning I applied for resignation.
Now I was a man, and my actions, too, should correspond to this high rank.
I suddenly realized that it is better to repay a debt to the Motherland once than to always be its slave in a lousy hospital where lies and debauchery reign! I left early in the morning, past rusty garages and high concrete fences, leaving endless morning vacant lots and railway tracks behind me, on my way to my future.
Began a new page of my life.
Whatever this future is, it will be mine! Climbing up a tall hill, I cast a farewell glance at the hospital.
Her squat gray building seemed to me like an ugly spider that fit its paws.
The next two years of my life it was very hard for me, but I knew that any tests could be done when there is hope in you, when there is a cherished dream! Webcam hard sex.

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