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And we fucked! I loved to fuck her pussy! This juicy big pussy of an adult pregnant female! My hand has quietly ruled inside the vagina, not meeting the slightest resistance of her mistress.
After about a month and a half, which means at about 37 weeks, we had another meeting.
The meeting itself was no different from everyone else, but this one had one peculiarity.

I came to her and brought the products that I helped during the whole time to buy.
Unloaded from the bags, we stood for some time and kissed her right in the hallway.
She was happy with my arrival, as it indicated that today I would fuck her again.
Well, wait! Wait.
– She whispered, continuing to kiss me and strongly clinging to me a tremendous pregnant belly.
– Let me kiss! Come over the weekend have not seen.

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What did not come then? Or do not like me? Misha! Tell me too! – I objected.
– How can you not like me when we have such a crazy sex! Your big pussy day is paradise for me! Misha! You are my little darling! And then I already began to think about the bad.
– she laughed.
Oh about the bad!? – I exclaimed.
– Come on, show me your pregnant belly! – I ordered.
Tatiana, smiling, opened her robe, and a huge belly appeared before my eyes.
On, darling, look ,! She readily said, baring her belly.
– Like? I’m all yours! Fuck your mommy! My pregnant and naughty mommy! Mmmm.
– I growled, listening to her words and looking at this descended big pregnant belly of this bitch.

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– Go, pour some tea to your master! – I commanded.
– And while I go to the shower.
Tanya readily hurried to the kitchen.
I quickly took a shower and, wallowing in her husband’s former bathrobe, went into the kitchen.
Tatyana sat naked on a stool, and her lowered belly lay between her spread legs, reaching for a stool.
And this sitting bitch looked at me with such an unimaginable lust that it was simply impossible to resist.
However, I pulled myself together and began to drink tea.
Yummy? – smiling, she asked, caressing her finger dark areola.
Yes! Highly! – I answered abruptly.
And look here, dear.
– on chant she said.
I looked at her and was stunned! She put her right hand under the lower abdomen and lifted him, exposing the look of her smooth pussy and showing the lubricant flowing from her and pouring on the stool.
Wow! – I exclaimed.
See, I flowed.
– smiling, she said.
– The closer the birth, the more of it.
In the meantime, I drank tea.
Suddenly, Tatiana got off the stool and, kneeling down, opened my robe and took the long-standing member in her mouth.
– I heard the chomping and contented sounds.
For this female there was no word impossible, but there was only a word I want and fuck.
I found it harder and harder to hold back.

I tried not to think about her, but every time my thoughts returned to her and her pregnancy.
How tense he is.
Come on, go to mommy.
Well done! Mmmm.
Mom will relax.
I could not restrain myself and with these words I shot the entire portion of sperm that had accumulated over the weekend into her mouth.
Hearing a pleasant chomp and her light laugh, I felt funny too.
Well you, mother, give! Nooo! You give it! She laughed.
– Look how much I saved! I probably will not have dinner.
Tanya! Thank you! – I laughed, feeling relief in the eggs.
Tatyana rose from her knees and, having spread the dripping drops of sperm on her chest, she kissed me.
Tanya! You’re lovely! – I said, kissing her.
Well, did you finish your tea? She asked slyly.
Yes! – I said in a strong voice.
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