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And Andrew seemed to hear these thoughts.
– Take your time, girl.
All you still will.

Theta hears the door open behind her.
Andrei nods to the one who has come in – Forgive me, Volodya, that I broke off, I compensate, it is very necessary.
Here we have one important person, you see, even Sasha did not regret it.
Do your best.
And Volodya is trying.
Theta feels like a vibrating object is first injected into her anus, then the object increases in size, and then she gets what she dreamed about all day.
But after Sasha’s flogging, after multi-colored splashes inside the body, at first the member seems to her not very impressive.
Theta manages to be surprised that she is treated as an inanimate object.
She is not asked anything, she does not seem to be interested at all.
However, she is so good at what is being done to her, as soon as she can be, and how she has never been with anyone.
What is

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the secret of this combination of helplessness, fear and pain? Maybe the Boss is right, and to get everything, you must first give everything away? And only the ability to give yourself completely can cause a reciprocal desire? So this Volodya, whom she does not see and probably will not see, moves in her carefully, as if by touch along an unfamiliar dark path.
She feels how he listens to her, sets herself and her like thin instruments, and realizes that she already responds to his movements, that her depth has already met him on this path and that they will go further together.
And they go.
Theta still has time to be surprised that Volodya’s huge thing doesn’t bring any pain, and usually she was hurt, and then she wasn’t enough to think.

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The vibrator in the anus rubs through a thin septum on the member, transmits a vibration to it.
And the member carries this vibration further, gives it to everything that surrounds it.
It grows in size, becomes huge, it seems that it has already filled the entire body and touches the skin from the inside.
He reaches the heart, and it pounds wildly in response.
He, like a huge snake, crawls inside the body, caresses him from the inside with its tight forked tongue, and this makes it scary and delicious.
Already there is no body – two endless snakes entwined, embraced and slide further and further.
Two streams, two beams, two paths to the sky.
And then only glimpses.
Somewhere far below is a funny idea – and what will all this end with?
Stupid, can this end?
Sasha – he is strangely on the side and cannot be seen – with something slowly, slowly, but the blow is not felt, it is not heard, the body lives in another world and time.
Andrew leaned forward, he was tense to the limit, his eyes wide open.
From Theta to him a sparkling arc and Andrew catches this arc, listens to her, drinks, inhales.
And then only rainbows, rainbows, rainbows, lights all over the body, calm down the sound of waterfalls.
But nothing is over and will not end.
The belts on the waist, hips, knees fly away and she is all over with her whole body, as much as she can, tearing towards the snake.
And the meeting takes place again.
Again the hum grows, again the trembling fills the whole body.
Shivering is palpable so much that it seems that it can be collected by handfuls and rubbed on the body, only hands are not free.
I really want to be free, to feel the snake with my whole body, ride it, spur it on and rush on, but there is no time to break the stupid pads, rainbows flare up again, and again shivering – rainbows – shivering – rainbows.
Emptiness, silence and color spots on black.
When Theta woke up, only Andrei was in the room.
The light is extinguished, only a dim lamp in the corner.
And from this lamp and the room and Andrew became very peaceful and warm.
Theta is lying on a couch, covered with a soft blanket, Andrew is sitting next to her on a chair and stroking her hair.
He has a tired and happy face and he is already unlike the domineering, hard and rude person he was in the morning.
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