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So, this is our “vile pervert”? – sarcastically said the woman with curiosity, looking from the boy to the flashing aunt.
– Tell, Ale, first you, and then we will listen to the young man.
It’s horrible! – sobbed aunt.

– I could not even imagine.
“Elvira, dear, to business, please, it’s too late,” the brunette aunt snapped at the attempt to beat around the bush.
This is he, my nephew.
Sister left for the summer, claiming that the guy is peaceable, quite independent in his fourteen years and will help with the housework.
– Elvira curbed her nerves and spoke dryly and efficiently.
Igor lowered his head counting the holes on the toes of his sandals.
– the brunette has put her foot to the foot with a slightly shaking shoe.
Igor furtively shot his eyes on the opened strong hips in black stockings.
The contrast with the snow-white translucent robe fabric was striking.
Today I went to the store, but unexpectedly returned, because I forgot my wallet, ”Aunt Elya continued.
– I was surprised by the strange sounds coming from my bedroom.
I went to look and almost went crazy with horror.
bastard! He laid out my panties on my bed and masturbated on them! He was naked himself, but he pulled my pantyhose over himself into a large net, let him into his cell.

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your own.
Member! – this word Elvira cried out.
“And this is how I moved my fist with an idiotic expression on my face,” the aunt squeezed her fist and showed how quickly the nephew’s hand moved.
Igor quickly looked at the doctor, noticed the mocking expression of her eyes, looked down and blushed deeply.
Did the eggs hang outside, too, or did the scrotum not crawl through the pantyhose cell? Large eggs? – the doctor asked interestedly, looking her eyes with a nephew to his aunt.
She was pleased to observe how Elvira mixed up trying to recall the details.

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I do not remember, – Aunt Elya murmured afflicted.
– It seems only.
I called out “stop.”
He ran out.
then brought tights already dressed.
I began to call you.
Nothing, nothing, dear, do not worry, during the inspection it will still be found out whether the young man has a pathology.
At the word “inspection” Igor tensed.
Tamara Alexandrovna, – the aunt sang in a pleading voice.
– Only hope for you.
The sister will come, she alone drags this blockhead, boasts everyone, what a wonderful son she has, and here.
Igor presented the face of his mother when they painted it all down and sniffed.
I told you, don’t worry.
The incident goes beyond, but is amenable to correction.
– Young man, do not stand a pillar, undress.
First, look at the subject of deviations in the physical plane.
– carnivorous smiled doctor looking straight into the boy’s eyes and slowly shifted his legs from left to right.
The robe slightly prodded up and the woman’s left thigh was more exposed.
Igor frantically shook his head and defiantly stared fixedly at a far corner.
“Do what you want,” he thought, but there will be no inspections.
“What are we waiting for, young man?” The metal sounded in Tamara Alexandrovna’s voice.
– We quickly dump our clothes.
And come closer.
– Not? Then, that’s what.
Tomorrow at the club I was invited to give a lecture for young people, just on the topic of puberty and related aberrations.
I think it will be interesting for everyone to make out a particular case with a boy well known to them than book-named examples.
Igor choked with indignation.
“How !? This bitch is going to tell the whole village! There, for sure, there will also be a neighbor, Lenka Soboleva, with her friends.
And the fact that the whole gang of Tolyan from the Central Street will stick to the grandmother does not go.
Then at least hang up.
Here, bitch! What to do? “He looked intimidated at the doctor, in her eyes realized that he could not count on mitigation and began to unfastenly unfasten the button on the jeans.
“If only my aunt came out or something.
“Elvira herself became worried, watching her nephew sideways.
– Tamara Alexandrovna, where should I wait? – she stuttered in a broken voice.
Ha, sweetie! What do you mean where? Here, here, my dear.
And do not wait, but you will help.
Your ward, so to speak, you carry the cross.
mine, ”Elvira, completely horrified, felt how her ears flared.
Igor stood barefoot on the carpet in his shorts, holding his gum with both hands and looking at women pitifully.
“Maybe they will change their minds at the last moment?” What is frozen, hero? Pull down your panties something.
– almost cheerfully said Tamara Alexandrovna.
– Not so you and the lamb, judging by auntie story. Xxxn live sex.

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