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Well, again ran ahead.
Although this is understandable.
Tatiana was traveling with Michael to their home and still wondering if she was doing the right thing. She did not deceive Michael, for the last weeks she and Julia have drowned in each other.

Love overwhelmed them, they were one.
Tatiana loved her friend passionately.
What happened when Julia came to her house is difficult to describe in one word.

It was a solid abyss.
Not just the pleasure that sex delivers.
It happens, it is necessary just physiologically, sex with Julia was love.
Tatyana had never seen the difference between words having sex and making love.
Only now, next to Julia, she saw the gap between these two concepts.
Tatiana asked herself the question, why is she going with Mikhail? She did not feel the satisfaction of her sexual need now.
Maybe Michael is right, she really needs to sleep with a man right now, in order to understand herself? Or does she want this man? Tatiana remembered Mishkin member, remembered the thought that flashed then about this member in herself.
I do not understand anything, but I’m going on.
We got to our apartment quickly.

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I did not feel the slightest remorse.
They had not particularly tormented me before when I slept with other women.
So why now something has to change? With such reflections we entered the apartment.
Tanya checked again on the phone by checking that Julia had turned off her mobile phone.
We stood in the hallway and looked at each other.
Probably, we waited, who will start the first.
I started.
Taking Tatyana’s face in my palms, I firmly dug into her lips.
On the lips was the taste of coffee and cigarettes.
She did not answer at first, stood with her hands down, but after a minute she did not respond boldly.
Well, no longer bad.
My hands began to free us from clothes.
When I pulled off her boots, we have already moved into the bedroom.
– Misha, I can not in the bedroom, let’s go to the living room? “You yourself know what’s more comfortable here,” I unzipped her jacket, “Especially since you spied on us.”
Tatyana gasped, but how could he have noticed her then! She was careful, and did not allow more than one movement! And Michael, it turns out, knew all this time that she was watching how he and Julia had sex !.
Yeah, surprised.
I took advantage of her confusion and began to knead her chest with my right hand.
The linen covered the chest, but it was so thin that I could easily find the nipple, pressing on it with my thumb.
Tatiana, finally began to relax, fast breathing gave a rolling excitement.
I moved my left hand to her

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My head flooded with memories of how Georg mercilessly squeezed her behind her ass, how Tatyana dragged from this.
Under the arm began to play the elasticity of the halves. Your baby video bongacams.

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